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I'm Natalia and I am a Latina and mom to my bunny Bowie.

I once was the corporate gal working a 9-5 that consumed my life and energy without bringing me any joy and fulfillment.

Now, I run a profitable online business while only working 20-25 hours per week and living a life I love!

I'm guessing you're here because you are a woman who is tired of living a mediocre life and you're ready to make an impact without sacrificing your happiness, peace and joy.

I totally get it! I'm all about helping women overcome social and cultural barriers in order to succeed in business and in life.

My strengths lie in business strategy & online marketing and I thrive in helping women turn their dreams into reality both in their business and their life.

My Process

I believe there are 4 pillars to business success:

Vision Clarity.png

Before we start building anything I believe it’s KEY to know what your vision for your life and business is, get clarity around it and turn it into a business model that fits your ideal lifestyle.

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Once we have established a business model that is designed around your dream life, we create financial goals that will help you attain that vision and ensure your business model meets them.

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As soon as we have you set-up to make a profit, we want to get you visible in a way that works for you and attracts your ideal client. We create a visibility strategy that maximizes both your time and conversions

Conversion Strategy.png

The final component is defining a conversion strategy that works for you (aka a sales process that feels good). We strategize an ongoing conversion strategy that will help you hit your financial goals on a consistent basis.

Learn how we can work together to apply these four pillars to your business so you can experience success! Book a call with me below to learn more!