Limiting Business Belief #2: Overcoming Not Having Time for Your Business

Time is such an interesting thing. It can work in our favor it it can work against us. What I have realized is that we are the ones who decide which one of those it will be.

Will we allow ourselves to be run by time instead of us running and managing our time. And how we look at time and the role we allow it to play in our life is determines a lot about our business. 

For example, time can be the thing that allows you to build your dream.

Or, time can be the thing that kills your dream.

Don’t let time kills your dreams.

Don’t let time pass you by as you watch everybody else pursue their dreams and wonder if you will ever pursue yours. 

You can decide that now is your time, That today is the day you will pursue your dreams. That time is no longer a thing that will be wasted but that it is what will mark your accomplishments, your successes and your achievements. 

Is time your friend, or your enemy?

Is time working in your favor or against you?

Is time what passes you by or what marks your success?

We all have the same amount of time each and every single day. And we all get to determine what we do with it.

I believe God gave us the perfect amount of time each and every single day. If others can use time to build their dreams, then so can you.

How are you using time? 

We don’t know how much time we each have, but we know that we were gifted with a certain amount of time in order to live out our dreams. I want to live life to the fullest and know I pursued everything I ever had on my heart. I want to know that I used my gifts and my time wisely. I want to know that I gave each and every single day my all.

My time is now, and so is yours. This is the perfect time. If you know this is your time, it’s your time to build, it’s your time to succeed, it’s your time to pursue, to accomplish and to make things happen, then I want to help you go from being a dreamer to being a doer. Join me for my free webinar happening next week on “3 secrets to building a successful business”.

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