How to Save Time and Maximize Results with Your Online Marketing Part 2: How to Make Content Creation Easy and Strategic

Content creation can seem overwhelming for so many. From figuring out what to post on social media to figuring out what to share on your blog and to your email list.

How does everyone else do it? The consistent content that goes up on their blog, social and email

Well, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you make your content creation easy and strategic and I’m going to tell you what they are:

1. Determine your main categories

Figure out the main topics you like and want to talk about. How? Base it on your target audience, your talents and gifts, and what you have to offer. Ask yourself things like:

-What problems does my target audience face?

-How am I solving those problems?

-What services/products do I offer?

Create a few main categories based on the answers to those questions.

2. Create topics within each category

What can you talk about within each category? Figure out topics that you can talk about within each main category.

3. Create a calendar with your main topics and categories

If you have 4 main topics, then schedule them out for the next 4 months, and the schedule out topics within each month. Find ways to schedule out your main topics and categories so that you know what you will be sharing about and when.

4. Bulk write your content

Now that you have your content planned out, it’s time to sit down and write it. The #1 tip I can give you when it comes to content creation is to bulk write all of your content. This will help you avoid writer’s block or find yourself scrambling last minute to get our your blog and social media posts. Do it for each month or for a few months at a time. Make time to write out a blog post, take a few sentences you turn into social media posts. Then it will keep everything consistent.

5. Repurpose your content

It’s okay to cycle through your categories and topics. It’s okay to repurpose your content. If you are doing online marketing right, then you are constantly getting new followers who have yet to read your content. And as for old followers? A refresh is always a good idea.

Content creation doesn’t have to be extremely time consuming or difficult. With these tips and strategies you can make it effective and efficient.

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