How to Make a Profit & Build a Sustainable Business Part 4: How to Create More Freedom and Profit (this doubled my revenue in one month!)

You probably are either jumping at the thought of that and immediately want to know “how”?!

OR, you are probably thinking it sounds like another one of those Facebook ads popping up telling you they have the “secret” to making more money.

The truth is that I don’t believe there is one secret sauce to how a business can prosper. Everyone’s business and audience is different therefore making everyone’s path different.

That is one of the reasons I believe it is so crucial for us to incorporate our faith into our dreams. God can lead us into doors of opportunity and blessing that no one else can. He can guide us as we follow our unique path and lead us into His perfect plan for our life.

So, I am going to share with you how I doubled my revenue in one month. While I can’t guarantee that it will do the same for you, I do think it could help increase your revenue and definitely help you have more freedom and build a sustainable business. Your results can be greater and different from mine, but I know this tip is crucial in anyone GROWING and scaling their business.

What is it?

It’s hiring help.

I know, it’s scary. You might be thinking you don’t have the finances to do it and you have way too many people you’d want to hire.

Let me share a few nuggets of wisdom with you.


1. Hire before you are ready

Do you have too much work and not enough money? Then it’s time to hire someone. Why? Because those two things are indicators that you are blocking yourself from the opportunity to make more revenue. It will be an investment to start, but once you get some work off your place, you will be able to bring in more clients, more work and more money. Don’t wait until you are too crazy busy to even train someone to hire someone. Do it while you still have the tie to train them and ensure you build a solid team.

2. Delegate the tasks that keep your business going

     Are you focusing more on keeping your business going or on making sure your business is growing? As the business owner, your focus should be on making sure that the business is growing. However, many entrepreneurs get so focused on the little takes that will just keep their business going, When you hire support you hand those tasks off to someone else so that your business keeps going while you focus on making sure the business is growing.


Okay, so here’s the thing…just hiring someone isn’t going to automatically bring positive results in your business. I’ve been on group calls where I’ve heard women say they still work the same amount or more after having hired an assistant. That is not the right way to hire.

So what is?

I want to encourage you to do these exercise before you hire to help you determine how to hire correctly:

-Make a list of what your goals and priorities are (or should be) for your business

-Keep track of what you spend your time working on (and for how long) for one week

-Compare and contrast those two things and see if you are spending your time in the right way and what you should delegate in order to focus on your goals and priorities (what takes up the most time that you can give to someone else)


-Make a two-column list and on the left hand side write down the tasks that keep your business going and then on the right hand side write down the tasks that would make you business grow. Determine which tasks on the left hand side you can delegate in order to take some things off your plate on the left hand side and focus more on the right hand side.

Once you complete either of these exercises you will have a better idea of who you need to hire and what tasks they will do. For example if you have alot of admin work you can hire a VA, if it’s a lot of social media work you can hire a social media manager, etc. Then when you hire you know who to look for and what qualifications they need to have.

I did this for my business and hired someone who could specifically take on the tasks that were taking up the majority of my time and could be easily delegated.

The result? I doubled our revenue in one month.

How? By delegating the time consuming tasks that were keeping the business going and shifting my focus to things that would grow the business such as additional services and bringing on new clients.

If you want to grow and increase your profit I really want to encourage you to hire and to make sure you hire correctly.

In addition to increasing your profit it will also provide you with more freedom and flexibility, and as a business owner, who wouldn’t love that?