How to Save Time & Maximize Results with Your Online Marketing Part 3: The Strategy That Converts My Social Media Followers Into Email Subscribers Instantly

Have you ever compared your email list to your social media following and found yourself wondering why they didn’t match up? In most cases, the number of followers we have on our social media is much larger than the number of subscribers we have on our email list. 

Why is that? It’s simply because of the different stages of each platform.

For example, social media is like a party or a gathering. It’s where you meet people and introduce yourself for the first time. People start getting to know you and decide whether they like you or not. Your email list is where people have decided that they DO like you and, for lack of a better word, want to be your “friend”.

So how do you get people from your social media to your email list?

I am going to share a few tips on how to do that as well as the new strategy I have been implementing lately that turns my social media followers into subscribers instantly!

Here are the tips:

1. Use the link in your bio

One of the best uses for the link in your bio on Instagram is to send people to something FREE in exchange for their email address. This freebie should be something that will attract your target audience and add them to your email list. Use the last bit of your bio to tell them about that freebie and provide a clear CTA (call-to-action) to tell them why they should click on that link.

2. Make connections from your social to your email

There are a few ways you can do this. First, promote your freebie on your social media and let people know about it. Second, use your social media to promote your blog and promote your freebie at the end of the blog. Third, send people to your site and if your site is set-up strategically there should be multiple ways for them to join your list on there. Make social media a fun place for people to hang out with you, but don’t be afraid to invite them to your house (your site).

Okay, so now it’s time for the BIG one. The strategy that is working some magic for me. Here it is:

3. Send a private message to new social media followers and send them to your list

Okay, here’s the thing. This is an area not many people have tapped into. Social feeds are infiltrated, but inboxes are not. Yes I know you have a ton of things to do, but if you really want to capture your social media followers what better way to do it then to welcome them and offer them a free gift? That’s exactly what I do. I have standard message set-up that welcomes people and let’s them know about the free gift they can access via the link in my profile. Every other day or so I hop on to Instagram and copy and past the message to my new followers. They usually respond with a thank you or letting me know they got it and I see the numbers on my email list go up.

This is a good one and I see it working.

I want to encourage you to implement ALL of these tips if you want to see growth on your email list. If you do, I promise you will see the results!