How to Save Time & Maximize Results with Your Online Marketing Part 1: The Tools You Need to Succeed

Are you spending way too much time online while hardly seeing any results?

I used to do that. Posting inconsistently. Not being sure of what to post. No getting engagement. And ultimately not seeing results for all of the effort being put in.

As a digital marketer, I not only learned how to leverage the online space, but I became an expert in it.

So much so that I started a creative agency with my husband where I consult and run digital marketing for businesses.

I see how much entrepreneurs struggle to leverage the online space. And I am here to help you learn how to master it. 

In this new series I am going to be teaching you how to save time and maximize results with your online marketing.

Read to get started?

First, I want to talk to you about the tools you need to succeed with your online marketing:

1. A strategy

All good things start with a plan. And not just any plan, a clear plan. If you really want to be effective with your online marketing, then you need to have a strategy. This will help you get clear on what to post, where to post it, how often to post. Each post will have a purpose and clear path to guiding your followers to customers.

*Need help creating a strategy? Check out my social media strategy template to DIY or contact me to set-up a 1-1 strategy session!

2. A content calendar

Once you have a plan you need to be ready to implement it. There’s no better way to stay organized than with a content calendar. This will help you save time while strategically planning out all of your content each and every single month.

*Need a content calendar you can print or edit online? Grab a copy from my shop!

3. A scheduling platform

If you really want to be efficient, you’ll want to use a scheduling platform. Use your content calendar to plan out your content and then use a scheduling app to schedule it all on social media. This will make you visible throughout the month while providing you with the freedom to work on what you truly love!

Recommended platforms: Hootsuite, Schedugram, Viralwoot

4. An analytics tracker

Yes, I said I’m talking about numbers. It’s important to track your numbers in order to see what is working and what isn’t working. Use the social media platforms insights and analytics to check out your most popular posts, engagement times, followers and dive into Google Analytics (it’s free) to see how it all converts on your website. 

BONUS TIP: Use this information to modify and improve your strategy each month to get better results!

These 4 tips will help you instantly save time and maximize the results you are getting online. 

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