How You Can Accomplish All Of Your God-Dreams

Have you ever had someone tell you:

“You CAN have it all.”

Or maybe…

“You CAN’T do it all.”

We tend to hear both of these sayings. Personally, mine is…

You CAN do it all IF you have support.

You see, I’m of the mindset that we were not created to do it alone. As women, it is our natural tendency to want to take on too much, say yes to everything, and then feel burdened and overwhelmed.

We are expected to be successful business-owners, career woman, mom’s, wives, homemakers and to do them all with excellence.

The reality is that we have been created and called to do a lot. And many times we find ourselves so occupied, even too occupied, to go after our God-dreams. 

God wants you to have everything He has planned for you. He wants you to live the life He created you for, to all of it’s fullness. For you to accomplish everything you have set out on your heart to do. But He has not called us to do it alone.

Let me give you a personal example. One year ago I found myself working full-time while running my business on the side. It was like working two full-time jobs, plus also serving in church, being a wife and homemaker. I would work my day job, come home exhausted to make dinner and then jump into bed or do a bit of work for my business. Then spend weekends cleaning, working on my business, going to church, trying to rest and doing everything I didn’t have time to do during the week. During that time, I wanted my priorities to be God, my relationship with my spouse and growing my business. However, I didn’t have the time. After a few months of considering it, I decided to hire house cleaners. It was the BEST decision I ever made. Not having to worry about cleaning the house and instead be able to spend those few hours on my business or quality time with my husband were well worth the investment. Plus I could afford it since I was working full-time. 

Now let me give you a business example. Right after I was able to quit my full-time job I started working with my husband in his business offering digital marketing services. Within threemonths I was completely booked and had more work than I could handle. I had reached a cap on what I could do and therefore make financially. That’s when I realized that I spent about half of my week doing tedious work that I could easily hand off to someone else. So I decided to make the investment and hire an assistance. Because I had the support, I was able to take on more clients and as a result doubled my income by the following month. True story.

These were both HUGE learning lessons for me in life & business. I realized that the longer I tried to do everything myself, the longer I held myself back from reaching new levels. If I was willing to get support in different areas then Iwould be able to reach new levels I wouldn't’ have before.

Getting support is not only an investment in yourself but it is an investment in your dreams. And your dreams are worth investing in. 

Those two stories are just a few examples of how I invested in my dreams and myself in order to achieve new things. One of the other things I did that helped me leave my full-time job and step into entrepreneurship was hire a coach. Having the guidance, support and mentorship of someone was KEY in leading me to where I am today.

If you are interested in finding out more about how investing in a business coach can help you contact me to set-up a complimentary all.