3 Ways to Overcome Business Stress and Anxiety

Stress & anxiety are some of the most common things entrepreneurs experience. It makes sense though, doesn't it? We are faced with constant competition, the urgency to make enough money, pleasing clients (and dealing with unhappy ones) and on top of it all we worry about being good wives, friends and mothers. 

Life itself is busy, and when you add running on top of it all things can get crazy. I have personally struggled with stress and anxiety my entire life. That's right, it started before entrepreneurship. So when I found myself venturing into the world of entrepreneurship I also found myself experiencing my first ever panic attack. The stress that comes with building a business is no joke. And it's something that we don't often enough talk about. But that is why I am sharing this with you today along with a few things I have found help me overcome situations of stress and anxiety.

1. Take a break

If you're like me, stress makes you want to make, or better yet, force things into  happening. The problem with that is that then you are building things out of a place of fear instead of passion. When you start to feel stressed or anxious about something take a break. The kind of break you take will depend on how stressful the situation is. You might just need to take a walk, you might need a day off, or you might need a week off. Any and all of those are OKAY and necessary. Your business needs you at your best self, so do what you need to do to make yourself okay.

2. Talk to someone

As an introvert, my tendency is to want to keep things to myself and not tell anyone about what I am going through, including my husband. But I have found that the best thing I can do is choose to be brave and speak up about how I am feeling. Find a friend or someone you can confide in to help you talk about what you experience. Consider seeing a counselor as an option too if need be.

3. Reevaluate your tasks and projects

When stress and anxiety seem to be a constant in my life I have realized that perhaps it is time to reevaluate what I am doing. Am I taking on too much? Is there something I am doing that I don't enjoy? This is your life, your business. If there is something you don't enjoy or can't handle, get rid of it. Your well being is more important than whatever monetary gain all of the work and stress is brining you.

I have learned that because I struggle with stress and anxiety I really have to focus on living a balanced life. I have to be aware of how much I can handle and stop when I've reached my limit. I want to live a good, healthy and happy life and I realize that it is my choice to make it that way. It is your choice too. Don't let stress and anxiety be constants in your life. Yes, they will creep up, but they don't have to stay or take over your day. Overcome them and live a life of peace and joy today and everyday.