How to Create Consistent Revenue in Your Business

As an entrepreneur, have you ever found yourself having high’s and low’s when it comes to the finances in your business?

Or perhaps you find yourself unsure of how much money you are going to make from month to month causing you to stress out and worry.

I get it because I have been in both of these situations. I also discovered a few ways to overcome the inconsistency of revenue in business and I’m going to share it with you today.

Whether you run a business that can easily create recurring revenue or you tend to have one time clients these tips will help you create consistent revenue in your business.

Tip #1 Create services/products based on monthly retainers

I’m starting with the number one tip that helped me reach my financial goals in business within 3 months of launching! Not only was I hitting my income goals but I also found myself having the financial freedom (and workload) to hire help. The best way to create consistent revenue in your business is to create something you can offer for a certain fee on a month to month basis. 

For example, I launched my digital marketing services and instead of focusing on 1-1 strategy meetings or one time consulting sessions I decided to offer social media, blog and email list management for business owners who were too busy or overwhelmed with managing their digital marketing. They hired me to do it for them. I created monthly packages to offer for a certain fee and I signed on the clients to hire me on a month-to-month basis. Then, knowing how many clients I had for x amount of dollars gave the the assurance I’d made that amount of money each month. Figure out ways you can work for clients on an ongoing basis and start focusing on promoting those if you want to create consistency in your revenue.

Tip #2 Book clients ahead of time

Another great way to create consistency in your revenue (especially if you work with clients on a one time basis) is to book clients ahead of time. The more months you can fill with work in advance the more peace of mind you will have when it comes to the amount you will make in this month and the following months. Determine how much you want to make, how many clients that will take per month, and promote your open slots for the month until they are filled. Once those are filled start promoting the following month and so on and so forth. 

This will help you know what to expect income-wise and allow you the freedom and flexibility to work without being stressed out about finances.

Tip #3 Show up consistently

The last tip is all about our own consistency. If you want to make revenue on a consistent basis make sure you are showing up consistently.  If you want people to hire you then you have to put the work in to be seen, noticed, and known as an option for hire. This means posting on social media daily, showing up weekly and letting the world know you are there consistently.

These are just a few ways to create consistent revenue in your business. If you want to learn more or join the conversation about this topic and get feedback on how you can create consistent revenue in your business join the free Christian Women Leaders community on Facebook! Click the banner below to request to join.