How To Get Unstuck When You Don't Know How to Make Your Business Succeed

Have you ever wanted something so badly in life that you put all of your time and energy into it but no matter what you do you just can’t seem to make it work?

Perhaps you feel that way right now. Maybe that’s why you clicked on this post.

I spent 2 years feeling that way. 2 years of long days working my full-time corporate job and then hustling my dream job on the side. I wanted to badly to be an entrepreneur and I did anything and everything I could (for free cause us wantepreneurs are on abudget, am I right?) to educate myself in the world of business.

Truth be told, I didn’t study business in school and had never even considered it as a career choice. It wasn’t until it was something God put on my heart that I began to pursue it and discovered a whole side of me that was passionate about entrepreneurship. Well, that passion took me on a roller coaster of 2 years of trying to build a business on my own. 

After 2 years of failed attempts, burn out, anxiety attacks and no results, I knew that something was going to have to change if I really wanted to make this happen. After 2 years of spinning my wheels I finally made some decisions that turned things around for me within a few months. 

Based on that, here are the lessons that I learned on how to get unstuck when you don't know how to make your business succeed:

1. Figure out what you are lacking

You were created with gifts, strengths, talents, passions and desires. There is something unique you have been called to do and it is most likely what you are currently trying to pursue. In the same way, there are gifts, strengths, talents, passions and desires that you don’t have. And guess what? That’s okay. You don’t have to know how to “do it all”. Figure out what you are lacking and where you need help. Maybe you are a photographer who needs help with marketing. Maybe you are a coach who needs help with business strategy. Maybe you are a social media manger who needs help with accounting and the legal side of business. Know what you lack and be okay with the fact that it isn’t your strength because that will be the first step you take towards fixing it.

2. Get help

Once you know what you are lacking it’s time to do something about it. As an entrepreneur you are responsible for at least knowing or having a high-level understanding of how to run your business. So it’s time to start working on the areas that you don’t know. Find out the best way to get help in the are you are lacking in. Is it something you can learn in a course? Is it something where you need a coach or a mentor? Is it something you need to hire someone to do for you (taxes, contracts, etc.)? Be willing to invest in the weak areas of your business in order to make your business stronger as a whole.

3. Take it one step at a time

As you implement these things into your business I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. There might be a lot of things you need to learn but you don’t have to know it all, all at once. My recommendation would be to figure out the next thing you need to know that will help you grow you business financially so that you can have more income to invest in more resources or potentially in hiring help.

Don’t make finances your focus but make them a priority. Then you will find yourself having a business that succeeds and allows you room for more growth, more opportunity and more investment.

If you feel like you need help, like you are lacking tools and resources, mentorship and training on how to grow your business online. Check out the program below! Applications are now open and will be closing on the 26th!