3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business That Accelerated My Success

As a Christian woman, entrepreneurship is a calling for me. You are probably sitting there nodding your head in agreement. 

Most women I speak to say they started their business because it is something God called them to do. I did too.

I believe that when God calls us to do something, He also equips us. However, I know that does not mean that He gives you a vision and then you wake up the next day surrounded by everything you will ever need to build this vision.

Instead, it is something that requires continual faith-building and seeking out the right resources amongst the gifting He has given us.

I’ll be completely hones with you and share that when I first started pursuing my vision I was very naive and felt that because God had given me this vision it was He, and He and I only, who would build it. That was one of my very first mistakes and it brings us to our first lesson:

1. Entrepreneurship is not made to be lonely, especially from God

How many of us have experienced entrepreneurship to be a lonely journey? I think we all have. Well, it is not meant to be. God didn’t give us a vision to build by ourselves. He gave us a vision that would require us to need others. To work with the Body of Christ in order to fulfill our calling. Are you working with others to build your God-dream?

2. We were given gifts to pursue our calling, but we also have ares in need of growth

Yes, you were called and equipped to pursue what God has called you to do, but you also have areas that you need help with. I believe God did this on purpose. Like I mentioned in the first point, He wants us to need each other. To work with each other, in unity. You have been gifted, but you also have areas in which others are meant to partner along side you with their gifts. Figure out where your gifting are and then allow others to step in where you lack.

3. Your gift needs to be honed

Yes you are gifted, but guess what? Their is room for improvement. There is always room for improvement. Be a good steward of your gifts by investing in making them better. Take time to make them stronger and to enhance your skill. Be aware of your gifts and find ways to grow in them as much as you possibly can through mentorship, courses, etc.

Have you noticed that there is a consistent them among all of these key points? If you haven’t, it’s this: you need others in order to accomplish your God-dream. I honestly believe God set things up that way. So that you wouldn’t be able to do it alone, but would need Him and those in His Kingdom to succeed.

I want to encourage you to consider how you could be working with others in new areas or start working with others in order to move forward in what God has called you to do. The moment I let others in, whether through investing in coaching, masterminds, or employees my business grew in success.

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