3 Things You Need to Build a Successful Online Business

I spent almost 3 years trying to accomplish my dreams of being an entrepreneur. I tapped into the world of business and there was no going back. I fell head over heels with the industry and dove head in. I’d listen to podcasts, join all the free webinars, read business books, and do anything and everything I could do as a wantrepreneur with a full-time job and limited budget. 

By the third year I was pretty burned out. I was working a full-time job as a marketer in the corporate world and then also working full-time on my entrepreneurship dreams on evenings and weekends. I gave myself no time to rest because all I wanted was to accomplish my dream of being able to do my passion on a daily basis.

After three years I came to a life-changing reality. I had gone as far as I was going to be able to go. I had done everything I knew how to do and applied everything “free” had taught me. If I wanted to go higher, bigger, faster I was going to have to go outside of myself in order to accomplish my dream. The truth was, I still had not accomplished it and I was more than ready to make it happen. And having this realization was the first step to making it happen.

Once I knew I had to go outside of myself I started to do a few things that made all of the difference in the world for me. The things that provided me with the following:

  • The ability to leave my full-time job within 1 MONTH
  • The ability to match and exceed my full-time income by booking up with clients within 3 months
  • The ability to hire my first employee and double my revenue within 5 months

Wow! After three years of relentless chasing my dream of entrepreneurship I was able to make it all happen in just a few short months! 

The secret? I made the investment in these three things:

1. Business Coaching/Mentorship

I know, I get it. You see them all over the place and you find yourself wondering if it’s really worth it. Not to mention the investment in requires. I get it. I had no money to invest in my business too. But here’s the reality. I was working full-time (so I did have money) and I was ready to make this happen. So I spoke to my husband and I made the decision to invest in a coach. It worked wonders for me. Having someone guide me who had done it before, keep me accountable and encourage me through the process was priceless. This was the first investment I made and even though it felt like a big one I made my money back three-fold within the first few months.

2. Community/Mastermind

When I hired a coach I did it by opting in through their group coaching program. Doing so not only provided me with the 1-1 support I needed but it also provided me with the community for accountability and masterminding. Through this group coaching program I not only made some amazing friends but I made some wonderful connections that I still collaborate with to this day. They also helped me get more clients by referring me to them, featuring me in their business and we have even worked for and hired one another. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and having a community makes all the difference for your soul and business.

3. Resources/trainings

We’ve all signed up for the free webinars, downloaded the pdf’s, and joined the email list courses that promises to provide value. And they DO. They provide so much value! But here’s the thing, when you go for the “free” you only scratch the surface of the information that person can teach you. There are tips and strategies behind the paid programs and courses that you NEED to make your business thrive. If you like what you see in the free, then you are most likelygoing to LOVE what you see in the paid.

I understand that all of these things require a financial investment. I also understand that not everybody has the finances to invest. But here’s the thing, a very true reality I discovered when I started to make these changes is that if you are not willing to invest in your own dream, your own business, then nobody else will either. You have to lead the way when it comes to investing in what you believe in so that others will too. I don’t want you to be financially irresponsible or make unwise decisions. And I didn’t invest in these all at once. I started with a coach/community and then as my business and budget grew I began to invest in more. 

If you work full-time, have things you can sell, or can make room in your budget find a way to invest in what you believe in. Your God dream is invaluable and it is worth investing in.

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