Creating boundaries to run a successful business and live a life you love part 2: Business

How do you want your business to run?

Is it currently running that way?

Is it providing you with the ability to work a job you are passionate about and live a life you love?

If it isn’t, then there is a problem. And that problem can most likely be solved by creating boundaries.

When it comes to my business, there is one thing I know for sure: I did not leave a job I hated in order to create a job I hate.

I worked for years trying to become an entrepreneur, and when I finally did, the last thing I wanted was to feel stuck again.

That’s when I realized that I was going to have to decide how I wanted to run my business, and it’s something you need to do too if you want to ensure that things are set-up in a way that works for you.

For example, I don’t like to take calls first thing in the morning, especially on Monday’s. I like to ease into my day and have time to check emails/plan my day. I also don’t like to work evenings and weekends, so I don’t. I’m a morning person so I like to get my creative work done in the morning and then I take meetings and calls in the afternoons and do my less creative work then.

I have set-up my business in a way that works for me. I run my business, my business does not run me. 

Today, I want to help walk you through how to set-up boundaries in your business so that you can run your business too!

1. Set and communicate your work hours

YOU are the boss of your business, your life and yourself when you become an entrepreneur. When you get tothe office, when you leave, etc. is up to you. Figure out a schedule you are going to love (not dread) and set that up as your business hours. Then make sure you communicate that by having it on your email signature, your site and/or your contracts.

2. Set-up your work flow

Everyone is most creative and energetic at different times. For me it’s in the morning so that is when I do all of my creative work. I have set aside and protected my mornings to be a time that is not interrupted so that I can focus during my most productive time of day. Figure out your prime time, set-up your work flow accordingly, and protect it. Only offer calls/meetings during the times that work for you. That way you’ll know that you are setting yourself, your business and your clients up for success.

3. Protect yourself with legal contracts

I can’t emphasize this enough! And I want to encourage you not to wait until you havean incident that forces you into getting a legal contract. Instead, protect yourself from the get go and set boundaries by having a legal contract that ALL clients must sign before you begin any work. In the contract, make sure you outline information including work flow, work hours, expectations, deliverables, etc. Most importantly, make sure it’s a legal document!

4. Set your price and don’t budge

Know what your price is and stick to it. Know what you need to make in order to run a THRIVING business and charge that. Don’t let anyone down talk you on your price when you know it’s what you need to make in order to run a successful business. If they can’t afford it say no and make room for those who can.

When it comes to your business, YOU are the boss, YOU are the CEO, YOU worked hard to build this so you get to decide how it’s run. Not your clients, not your family not your friends. You.

So how do you want your business to run? Make it happen.

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