Creating boundaries to run a successful business and live a life you love part 3: family & friends

When it comes to setting boundaries you might find that setting them with family and friends is one of the more challenging areas.

Because they are closes to you and you to them, it’s hard to define how close they can get before pushing a boundary.

That is why it is really important to have boundaries in place when it comes to family and friends. You don’t want to wait until they do push a boundary in order to have to set one and cause strain in the relationship.

If you have ever experienced family and friends perhaps not taking what you do seriously or not really considering it a “job” then what we are going to talk about today is really going to help you!

I believe the most important boundary we need to set is that of when we work and when family time is.

I know that for me personally, my friends and family tend to think that because I work from home I am available at any time. It’s become a habit for me to start to communicate my job and the importance of my work to them along with my work schedule.

The first thing you need to do is determine that for yourself. When do you want to work and when do you want to make time for family and friends?

The second thing we need to do is communicate that schedule to our family and friends.

For example, if someone asks to speak on the phone I’ll say “sure! I am available after 3pm” or “5pm” so that they start to see my business like a job with a schedule.

When we communicate our schedule to family and friends they will slowly begin to learn it and respect it. Especially if it is consistent.

Lastly. we need to communicate the importance of our business through our verbiage.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am guilty of responding with “I work from home” when I am asked what I do for work.

Yes, I do work from home, but that is not the whole truth. I am a business owner, an entrepreneur, the CEO of my company. If I start to take my business and my position seriously and communicate it, then others will too.

How do you talk about your business? Do you use words like “work” and “business owner” or “freelancer” and “work from home”? Make it more official and high-level because you work hard and you deserve to own your title and business.