Creating boundaries to run a successful business & live a life you love part 4: clients

When you first venture into entrepreneurship and start working with others you pretty quickly discover that you need to have some sort of process and system in place.

As a matter of fact, it’s something that clients expect you to have. It’s a part of the experience you provide them with as well as a part of the way you run your business.

It all starts with you deciding how you want to work, how you want to serve others and then making sure your client understands that process

If you don’t make the time to set-up boundaries, you are risking having bad client relationships and situations and when you do have boundaries in place you help either minimize or avoid them altogether.

Here are a few areas and ways you should keep in mind when it comes to setting boundaries with your clients:

1. Set boundaries when it comes to your work days/hours

You are the boss of you and your business. That means you get to decide your own schedule. That also means that you need to set a schedule. Your client wants to know when they can communicate with you and expect to hear from you. If you don’t tell them when that is, they will assume it’s always. Decide what your work schedule is and then communicate it.

2. Set boundaries on what you offer

The more specific you can get with what you offer your clients the better. Don’t let them decide what they get from you. Let them know what they get based on what you offer, what you agreed to and what they are paying for. Make it clear from the start by communicating it multiple times and in multiple ways and then let them know anything outside of that is additional work at an additional cost. Then you will avoid overworking or underselling yourself as well as clients taking advantage of you.

3. Set boundaries on expectations

When a client comes to you they don’t know what they can expect from you. They expect for you to tell them how things work. There will be a few times where someone comes in with their own expectations. For either scenario, it is important for YOU to set the expectations. As the CEO of your business, you determine when you work, how you work and what you offer. You then work with those who want that and respect you and what you do.

Yes, you want to serve your clients and you want to serve them in the best way possible. Doing these things will help you do that. When you know how you work best and when you will provide your clients with the best offerings and service. It’s important for you to know what you want to offer and then communicate it. It’s your prerogative as the CEO.