How to Create Profitable Packages & Services in Your Business

The #1 thing I see Christian women struggle with when it comes to their business is creating profitable packages & services.

I believe there are a number of reasons for why we don’t price our products and services correctly:

  1. We confuse serving with selling
  2. We don’t understand the value and worth of what we offer
  3. We feel guilty when it comes to selling

I personally can understand and relate to all of these things. I also know what it feels like to build a profitable business and to feel good about it. I believe it is God’s plan for our life that we would succeed in and build profitable businesses. So today, I want to help you do just that by addressing the key points mentioned above.


Most of us either find ourselves (or have found ourselves) serving others for the majority of our life. Whether it is in Church, in our home, in our children’s schools, in our communities, etc. We are constantly giving, giving, giving.

I know giving is the heart of God. I also know that there is a difference between giving because we feel led to and giving out of guilt. Giving out of guilt is what I want you to avoid. When you avoid this in your life you will go back to the cheerfulness of giving instead of feeling guilty and then upset by your giving. 

I love one of the ways my mastermind sister put it “My gifts are free, but my time is not”. You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and expect a waiter to serve you for free, a gardener to cut your grass for free, or work a job where you didn’t get paid. No professional or profitable business runs that way. So why should you? 

If you are really trying to build a business, then you need to change your mindset and start thinking like the CEO of a business and making sure your dollars and dimes align with your services and vision.


It’s important for you to understand your value and the value of the services you offer. First and foremost, you know that you are a daughter of the most high King. Therefore, you have a very high value as an individual! The gifts that God placed within you are unique and are your purpose. It’s okay to walk in them and to do so confidently. What you have can help other people, and the changes you are offering others for their life are priceless. What you can put a price on is your time and value. Know how much time this will take up because time is valuable. When you say yes to something it is taking time away from something else such as your family, your church, alone time, etc. What would make it worth it to you?

Don’t be afraid to charge what you know you and your services are worth!


In a recent group coaching call I was a host of, we talked about handling the emotions around exchanging money. There are a lot of emotions involved for us including guilt, and there shouldn’t be! One of the attendees was saying she felt guilt around charging because ultimately she was showing God to people and there shouldn’t be a price tag on that. My response to her was “but what if that isthe key for that individual to encounter God and what they need in their life? What if the money is just a transaction that is going to help them get the answer they need or help them make the time and commitment to recreating what you have to give? That is priceless and so worth it for them!”

A very practical way to let go of guilt that I teach my clients is to ensure that you over deliver on what you are charging. If you know you are giving more than what you charge, and serving your clients well, then you have no reason to feel guilty. I had one of my clients tell me I overdelivered and she felt like I could charge 3x more what I was charging because of the value. Knowing I am providing more value than what I am charging gives me confidence and peace in my pricing.

If you want to build a profitable business then you have to have the mindset of a CEO! Not just enough to get by, but enough to multiply!

Grow your business by growing your mindset, knowing your value and getting confident in what you charge.