How to Solidify Your Business Vision

Time and time again I see entrepreneurs making one common mistake: they focus too much on building their business without first having a business to build.

Let me explain.

If you are not crystal clear on what you do and who you serve, but you have a website or social media and you find yourself focusing on those things, then you are doing it backwards.

This is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs don’t see results when it comes to selling. They are trying to sell but they don’t know who or what they are selling and therefore are communicating confusion.

One of the key components of effective marketing and effective sales is clarity.

Do you have clarity in your business?

If you don’t, it’s probably because you need to solidify your business vision. Here are a few steps on how to do that:

1. Know exactly who you serve

The first thing you need to identify is who you want to serve. The more specific you can get the better. When you are able to identify you ideal client you will know things like where to find them, what kind of content to create and how to attract them.

2. Know exactly what you offer

The more clear you are on what you offer and deliver the more likely you are to sell. This is based around the person you serve (hence why you need to figure that out first). If you have clarity around who you serve and what they need then you can offer it to them. Then you will create irresistible offers they can’t refuse!

3. Know how you offer it

The third thing you need to know is how you are going to serve your clients. What method will you use to offer your services? If you want to be in business for the long-haul (which I’m assuming you do) you’ll want to make sure you offer your services in a way that you can keep up with. Figure out what energizes you and avoid offering things in a way that will drain you. For example, do you enjoy phone calls, in person, self-study? Offer your services in the best way you can and you will best serve your clients.

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