3 Ways to Grow Your Followers on Instagram

Is Instagrams algorithm making it challenging for you to grow your followers on Instagram, and you're not quite ready to invest in ads?

I want to share 3 tips with you today that will help you learn how to organically grow your followers on Instagram. 

Ready? Let's dig in!

Tip #1 Create a Content Strategy

This tip will not only help you save time but it will also ensure you attract your ideal clients. Come up with categories of topics you want to talk about on Instagram based on what you offer. As a bonus tip, I recommend using popular hashtags to get more engagement. For example, my content strategy for Instagram looks like this:

#MondayMotivation-Share an inspirational quote

Tuesday: Facebook Live Video Snippet

#WednesdayWisdom: Share a tip

Thursday: Share a promo

#FridayIntroductions: Share about myself with my audience

This helps me create content in an easy way and show up consistently with value for my audience.

Tip #2 Create an Engagement Strategy

One of the main things entrepreneurs tend to forget when it comes to growing their online presence is engagement. It's important to learn how to engage with your ideal clients to help them find you! A few ways to do this include:

-Engage with comments on your posts

-Identify what other accounts your ideal clients follow and go like their pictures/follow them/comment on their posts

When you engage you bring awareness to you and your business!

Tip #3 Use Hashtags

This is the #1 thing I want to make sure you takeaway from today's post. Whenever I see someone share a post on Instagram with no hashtags my heart breaks. Use hashtags on every single post and use them strategically. The best way to do this is to do a Google search on "popular hashtags for (insert your target audience)". Google will pull up lists of hashtags for you to use and choose from. When you are first starting out, I recommend trying out different ones on different posts to see which ones get the most engagement. You can even mix and match to find the perfect combination for your audience. And then use them on every single post.

These are some of the tips I have shared with clients that get them results within 24 hours! Apply these strategies and watch your followers on Instagram grow too!

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