How to Grow Your Email List with Qualified Leads

If you've hung around the online world for any length of time you will start to hear about the importance of building your email list. 

Many business owners wonder how and why they should build their list.

The bottom line is that your email list is what sells. It's where you make your money. So if you want to make money with your online business, you need an email list.

Let's dive in to this topic and talk about how you can start growing your email list with qualified leads:

Tip #1 Get clear on what you offer

The first thing you need to identify is what you want to ultimately sell to your audience. What problem are you going to solve for them?  Identify that before you even start to grow your email list, otherwise you will grow it with the wrong people.

Tip #2 Get clear on who it's for

Once you identify the problem you are solving, you also want to identify who you are solving it for. The clearer you can get on this the better. Determine who your target audience is so that you can target the right audience.

Tip #3 Create a freebie/opt-in that will attract your target audience

Once you have identified the problem you are solving and who you are solving it for, create a freebie that gives them a small piece, taste, sample or win of the problem you solve. It can be a worksheet, a challenge, a video, etc. Make sure it's something that helps them see a result from working with you.

Tip #4 Position and promote that freebie strategically

Once you've created your freebie you want to promote it strategically and shamelessly! Don't be afraid to promote your freebie, IT'S FREE and it adds value to others lives! Here are four ways to promote your freebie:

1. Put it on your homepage

2. Put it at the end of blog articles

3. Promote it on social media

4. Promote it in Facebook groups

Start growing your email list with qualified leads by going through these steps. 

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