How to Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities (and build your business)

How many times have you wanted to give up and throw in the towel in your business?

Perhaps you have given up multiple times (and just haven’t told anybody) and then found yourself coming back because you realized that building this business is your passion and your dream.

The reality of both business and life is that obstacles are a part of them. They are things we simply cannot avoid but today I want to help you change your perspective on them so that you can overcome them and build your dream business!

First, I want to address how you look at obstacles or what could also be referred to as failures. Failures are a part of business. So before you call it quits because your launch failed, nobody bought your new product or you didn’t hit your sales goal, let’s . change your mindset.

Let’s turn failures into obstacles. Still with me?

A failure is simply an opportunity to learn and grow, so let’s look at it as an obstacle for you to overcome instead of a defining moment of you or your business.

Now that we’ve turned failures into obstacles, let’s think about it in terms of an obstacle course. If you think about an obstacle course it isn’t set-up to stop you from completing the race, it’s set-up to challenge you to complete the race. But the end result is that you should still complete the race. The obstacles prove your strength, durability, and determination. Those, my friend, are things you are going to NEED if you want to build a business.

In other words, these obstacles help you hone the exact characteristics you will need to build your business.

Now, these obstacles are no longer failures, they are opportunities for you to move grow, learn, become stronger and build something better.

In life, I recently went through something really challenging. The most challenging thing I have ever had to face. And guess what? I’m still alive. I’m okay, my business is okay and the biggest takeaway I got was just how much stronger I am than I realized.

I want you to look at the obstacle that is in front of you today and even if it feels like it’s too big, too impossible, too much of a challenge, to give it a go. And if you’ve already given it a go, give it a go again. Again and again until you overcome it. Approach it from different angles and with different tools. Ask for support in getting over and past it. Do what you need to do to move forward and get back in the race.


Turn your obstacle into an opportunity to build your dream business, because that’s exactly what it is.