How to Overcome Your Fear of Getting Visible

Does the thought of going live on Facebook or Instagram make you queasy? What about the thought of sharing about your business or promoting yourself?

Listen sister, I used to feel the exact same way! I remember avoiding starting my coaching business just because I was afraid to promote myself. True story!

Here’s the thing though, I let my fear of getting visible stop me from doing what I truly desired to do for YEARS.

YEARS GIRLFRIEND! That’s too much time!

When I finally overcame my fear of getting visible, I was able to build the business I had been dreaming about for so long and do the work that truly fulfilled me.

I'm not here to tell you it’s going to be easy right away, but I can tell you as an introvert that it is possible.

If I can do it, I know that you can do it too. Let’s dive in to the how:

1) Identify what you are truly afraid of

The first step to conquering this fear is to identify what about it truly terrifies you. Is it what others will think? That you wont know what to say? Go through the worst case scenario for you in your mind (I told you it wouldn’t be easy) and get to the core of your fear.

Remember, this isn’t easy but it is SO worth it!

2) Play out the fear

Okay, now that you have identified the fear, play out what would happen in that worst case scenario. Someone thinks you are weird, and then what? Someone doesn’t like what you say, and then what? The goal here is for you to know that in the end, you are going to be okay even if this worst case scenario were to happen. The funny thing is that these scenarios usually don’t happen, but if they do, you’ll still be fine AND you’ll be chasing your dream. It’s also important to remember that people’s reactions are usually a reflection of them and not us.

3) Do it afraid

Okay, here comes the fun part…kidding….kind of. I want you to do the very thing you are afraid of. That’s right. That video you are dreading doing. Go do it. That post you don’t want to publish, publish it. The only way to overcome your fear is to face it and to do it afraid. I PROMISE it won’t be as scary as you think!

4) Do it again

Here is the secret to overcoming it. Do it again and again and again and again. I used to HATE video. I hated it so much that I would prerecord a ton of videos on my laptop, pick the one I hated least and publish it because I was too afraid to go live. Now, I LOVE doing video! It is seriously my favorite thing! If I hadn’t faced my fear I wouldn’t have found my love for it. The more you do it, the easier it gets, I promise!

I have discovered that the fear of getting visible is holding one too many women back from succeeding in their business. The truth is that hiding is not going to build your business. Showing up consistently is. Don’t let this fear stop you from succeeding in business any longer. Face your fear, overcome it and grow your business!