How to Grow Your Business On Social Media

As a coach who specializes in online marketing one of the most popular topics I teach on is using social media for business.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur 5+ years ago, I worked in marketing in the corporate world and learned how to leverage lead generation (a fancy corporate term for converting clients) along with online marketing strategy.

I used both my experience in traditional marketing and online marketing to create strategies that attract and convert clients for businesses.

They are strategies I’ve taught to businesses both large and small and produce somewhere around 1,500 leads per quarter.

In today’s article, I’m spilling my secrets on how to use social media to grow your business with strategies that are proven to provide results time and time again.

Strategy #1: Conversion Strategy

The first and most important thing you want to have in place is a conversion strategy. This is where I see a lot of businesses go wrong. They write great content but they have no way to convert. It’s the reason why some people have thousands of followers and make no sales. You can have a small following and still make a lot of money in your business, how? By knowing how to convert.

A conversion strategy is simply your method for converting clients.

In other words, how can you best make the sale? Is it on the phone? Is it via email? Is it in person?

Identify the best way YOU convert and make that what you will direct your social media traffic to to ensure you make conversions.

Strategy #2: A Content Strategy

Let’s talk about the content you put out on social media. I see too many people putting out either the wrong content or too much free content or too much sales content. You need to have a balance of both. Here is what that looks like for a week’s worth of posts:

Inspirational Content

Expertise Content (share your knowledge)

Freebie Content (promote a blog, freebie, etc.)

About Content (share about your business and what you do)

Sales Content (pitch an offer you have)

When you have a strategy in place to share a good mix of value and pitching you’ll set yourself up to convert.

Strategy #3: An Attraction Strategy

Lastly, you’ll want to have an attraction strategy in place for growing your following. Some of the strategies I recommend are:

Using hashtags (do a simple Google Search for popular hashtags in your niche)

Liking, commenting and engaging with ideal clients posts (this boosts your posts)

Sharing value in other Facebook Groups

Starting a Facebook Group

Sharing content consistently

These strategies might sound simple, and they are. It’s all about being consistent + strategic. I teach my clients strategies that take them 5-10 minutes per day and convert clients for them.

Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it can be focused on produce conversions when you have a solid strategy in place.

Which strategy do you need to implement into your business? Let me know in a comment below.