How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

One of the things I often hear entrepreneurs talk about is how overwhelming social media is.

They know they need to be on it, but being on it is draining and often leads to social media fasts.

I’m not against social media fasts, but I am against the idea that social media has to be overwhelming. I’m a big believer in keeping social media SIMPLE and STRATEGIC while still producing RESULTS.

When clients work with me, they walk away with a social media strategy that, in their own words, feels “easy”. The best part about it is when the message me 24 hours later saying it’s already working!

My clients make sales directly from social media and the strategies I give them get rid of overwhelm. Here’s how we do it:


The first piece of the puzzle is focus. Know exactly what you want to accomplish on social media. That means knowing that you want to make sales, or who you want to engage with or what platforms you need to be on. You don’t have to be on all of the platforms or do all of the things. Know what your intention is and stay focused on that.


The other piece is being strategic about the time you are spending on social media and what you are doing on it. If you are just scrolling through your feed and reading other’s results it’s not going to produce results. Get really clear about the results you want to obtain through social media. Is it to grow your followers? Engage with people. Is it to convert clients? Post valuable content that will attract people who will want to buy your services and pitch yourself.

The strategy I like to teach my clients is to show up consistently, give value and engage. It can literally take 10 minutes per day.

Stay focused and strategic and you’ll find yourself getting results without feeling overwhelmed.