How to Increase Your Sales with These 3 Hacks

That’s right. I said the “s” word. SALES.

So many entrepreneurs are scared of sales, and being an entrepreneur who is scared of sales is like being a human who is scared of oxygen.

It’s the lifeline, the blood of your business. It’s what makes your business and what keeps it running.

So today, instead of running away from sales, we are going to look at how to approach sales better.

After all, your an entrepreneur and I know you are more than ready to start hitting your financial goals, sales are the way to make it happen!

Tip #1: Reframe your mindset

I used to think sales were icky. If you feel the same way, it’s time to reframe your mindset. I teach my clients how to embrace sales by changing the way they think about sales. Instead of calling it sales, let’s call it an invitation. As a business, you need to invite people to work with you, get your product, joining your program, etc. because it could be exactly what they need and have been looking for.

The example I like to give is that of going to a restaurant. If you walked into a restaurant and someone greeted you, took you to a table but never brought you a menu you would probably be either offended or confused.

It’s the same thing with your business. People choose to follow you knowing you are a business and they are expecting you to give them the invitation to what you offer.

Tip #2: Integrate sales into your marketing

I personally love to use marketing to close sales and convert clients. It makes it easy to sell without feeling sleazy. The marketing strategies I teach my clients are all based around strategically selling (which is why my clients make sales from social media). Here’s what that looks like:

-Make sure you have at least one promo post each week on your social media (along with value posts)

-Make sure you give your email list an invitation to work with you every time you email them (even if it’s at the bottom or in the form of a P.S.)

-Make sure your content is focused around what you sell to ensure you attract those who will want to buy what you offer

When you follow the steps outlined above, you’ll instantly see an increase in sales!

Tip #3: Get sold on you first

This tends to be the main thing that is missing for most entrepreneurs. They aren’t sold on themselves or their service/product and then they wonder why they aren’t making any sales. Listen, I’ve been there so there is NO JUDGEMENT if that’s you! It’s all about bringing awareness so that you can change and fix it.

You have to get sold on you by knowing the value you offer as a business and believing in what you sell 100%. As a matter of fact, you have to believe it is the best out there! Anyone who is good at selling it’s because they pitch themselves and their service/product as the best. They might not use those exact words, but it’s the mindset with which they approach things when they sell.

In a very practical way, if you aren’t sold on your business or what you offer, dig into the why and make the adjustments necessary to fix it. Is it because you are doing what you think you’re supposed to do or what you want to do? Make sure everything aligns, that you know what you are giving, that you see value in what you are giving and then sell it accordingly.

These simple hacks will make all of the difference in your sales if you are willing to implement them. Follow these steps and see your sales go through the roof!