How to Develop a Mindset for Success

One of the best things I did for myself in 2018 was start to really focus in on my mindset. It’s something I didn’t heavily focus on for the first 3+ years in business and while I experienced success (started and sold 1 business, started a second 6-figure business and then launched a third) I discovered something incredible as I have reflected on this past year:

Focusing on my mindset produced the biggest financial results in my business.

As a strategy oriented person, I always wanted to focus on implementing strategies in order to grow and hit my goals. While this is a crucial part of the equation for success, I have discovered that mindset is also a crucial part for success.

The incredible thing about it is that making the decision to work on my mindset has not only produced the biggest results for me in my businesses but it has produced the biggest results for my clients too.

I’ll prove it to you…

My clients results:

-Sold over 200 products within a few weeks of working with me

-Booked out their group coaching program

-Made the most money in their business ever

-Had their first 4-figure day

-Raised $2k for a non-profit after a few weeks

-Pivoted their business and started booking calls within 4 weeks of working together

-Booked a call or made a sale very day for 2 weeks straight

and more!

My results:

-Booked more clients than I ever have in my business

-Made more money than I ever have in my business

-Hired new team members

-Invested in some amazing tools/programs

-Hired incredible coaches to work with

-Worked less while making more

-Aligned my business and life to what I want

-Started focusing on my health

-Made space for things I enjoy

My point is, working on your mindset is foundational to success and it’s something I plan to carry into the new year.

Today, I want to share some tips I learned about developing a mindset for success so that you can start working on your mindset too:

Tip 1: Work on your mindset daily

One thing I learned about my mindset is that it’s like a muscle. The more I work on it the stronger it gets. When I stop working on it, it becomes weak and it’s when negative thoughts, fears and doubt start to take over. As an entrepreneur, having a strong mindset is key in overcoming your fears and making growth focused decisions. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, make working on your mindset a daily practice.

Tip 2: Read/listen to books

There is so much information out there and it’s available in the form of books. You can grow, learn and continue to develop by picking up a good book. Read/listen to business books, self-development books, mindset books, strategy books, etc. Make it your mission to always be reading/listening to a book and give it at least 10 minutes in your day.

Tip 3: Journal

One of my favorite habits has been journaling. I try to do it daily even if it’s just to write out my fears, thoughts, dreams, ideas, doubts, etc. Putting it down on paper is truly magic and it will help you process all of the things you have going on internally.

Tip 4: Meditate/Listen to affirmations

Giving your mind the space to breathe, reset and be renewed is key in developing a success mindset. Give yourself the space to meditate, listen to affirmations or even say them out loud. You’ll start to replace your fears with the strength to overcome them.

Tip 5: Find what works for you + be consistent

The best way to develop a success mindset is to find what works for you and be consistent with it. The only way it will be sustainable is if you do what helps you develop confidence and positivity. It can be what’s listed above, a mixture or something else. Find what works for you and make your mindset a priority daily.