How to Identify What Your Audience Wants and Effectively Sell it to Them

I was recently asked by a client how they could identify what to sell to their audience. This is the question that all entrepreneurs want the answer to, because if we knew exactly what to give our audience, then we would be able to sell effortlessly, right?

I want to go ahead and answer this question and give you some tips on how to identify what to sell to your audience.

I believe that the answer to this question is two-fold, so here is part one:

Part One

First, it's importnat to get clarity around two things when it comes to your audience:

a) What they need

b) What they want

Both of these things are different. I believe it is our responsibility as the expert to know what they need and offer that to them based on what they want. What they want is the piece of information we want to get from them. Let me give you an example. 

When Henry Ford asked people what they wanted, they said faster horses. What they were saying was that they wanted to get to their destination more quickly. That is the want, the piece of information that would be used to sell, as copy and as the result. Henry Ford, as the expert, knew that what people needed was not faster horses but an automobile. Make sense? You want to do the same for your audience.

Part Two

The second part of the answer is that you want to identify what it is that you have to offer. What are your gifts and talents? What is it that you can help somebody accomplish and how? The how is what I want you to focus on.

How can you best deliver the need to your audience? What is going to be  a sustainable method for you? Is it 1-1? In person? Through a program? Decide how you can best show up to serve and what it is that you can best show up and serve.

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