6 Secrets to 6 Figures Part 2: Setting Client Goals

This month I started a new series sharing 6 steps to building a 6 figure business. These steps are applicable for anyone trying to grow an online business no matter what stage of business you might find yourself in.

For today's secret, I want to talk to you all about your clients.

Secret #2: Set Monthly Client Goals

In the first part, which you can read here, we talked all about setting yearly and monthly financial goals. Once you have your financial goals you want to get clarity around how you are actually going to reach them and it all comes down to getting clarity around your clients.

Clients are what keeps a business going and growing. It's why you exist and who you sell to. In the same way you created financial goals you want to get client goals. Here are a few steps to help you create client goals:

1. Determine how much time you want to spend on your business

First, you have to decide how much time you have available to spend on your business and work with clients. Keep in mind you will need time to work with clients as well as handle other business related things. Figure out how much client time you want to allow for each week and month.

2. Determine how many people you can serve well

The key word here is well. I don't want you to take on 20 clients per mont if you realistically can't handle it. I want you to think about how many clients you can and want to serve while still giving them 100%. What that number looks like will depend on what you do. If you offer 1-1 services that number will be smaller. If you offer a product it might be larger. Don't worry about what this number will mean financially, just focus on what you can do and do well.

3. Determine your client goal/maximum

Once you've identified these things, set your minimum and maximum client goal. What is the minimum number of clients you want to have per month and what is the maximum number of clients you will take on per month? Know what these numbers are and keep them at the forefront of your mind.

Knowing how many clients you can and want to work with at a time will help you avoid burning out. It will also play a key role in the steps to come next week and the following week in determining how to build your 6 figure business.

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