6 Secrets to 6 Figures Part 3: Create + Sell Value-Based Offerings

Welcome to part 3 of the "6 Secrets to 6 Figures" series!

Part 1 and 2 were all about setting financial (how much money you want to make) and client (how many people you want to work with) goals. As you may have started to notice, each week builds on the last. So if you haven't already, be sure to go back and read parts 1 and 2 before diving in to this one.

If you are ready for part 3, let's dive in!

This week we are talking all about creating and selling value-based offerings. This applies to you whether you are a service provider or product-based business.

First, I want you to start off by looking at what your numbers are from lesson's one and two like this example:

Monthly financial goal: $5,000

Monthly client goal: 10

Okay, now hold on to those numbers while we dive in to creating your offerings. I intentionally had you create those two numbers first because many entrepreneurs make the mistake of creating offerings and then pricing them too low, or taking on too many clients without ever really hitting any goals and end up burning out. I am going to help you grow and scale a business you love that is designed around your dream life!

When it comes to creating offerings there are three pieces we want to cover:

First, create offerings around your financial and monthly client goals.

If you know you want to work with 10 people maximum per month and make $5,000 per month then your offerings need to look something like this:

Example A.

  • Sell 10 offerings/packages of $500

OR you can mix and match pricing such as:

Example B.

  • Sell 2 offerings/packages of $500
  • Sell 1 offerings/packages of $1,000
  • Sell 1 offerings/packages of $3,000

Then, add value to those offerings that aligns to the price point

I frequently encourage my clients to increase their pricing in order to align with their financial and lifestyle goals. With that, I also encourage them to give value that aligns accordingly. This isn't just about charging more or a high amount, it is about being fair and delivering what you promise.

A sustainable and successful 6-figure business isn't going to be build overnight, and it won't be sustained by selling offerings that lack value. My personal motto in business is that I like to over-deliver and make sure my clients walk away feeling like they got more than what they paid for.

So let's take example B and add value to those offerings, "value" being what you will give in exchange for the money you are paid:

Example B (Social Media + Content Manager).

  • Sell 2 offerings/packages of $500
  • Value: Social Media Management for up to 3 platforms including designs, copy, scheduling and engagment
  • Sell 1 offerings/packages of $1,000
  • Value: Social media management from package 1 along with 4 blog posts written and published per month
  • Sell 1 offerings/packages of $3,000
  • Value: Social media and blog management from packages 1 and 2 and 4 weekly newsletter emails including copy, sending, design and responding

Give an equal amount of value in return for what you are asking to be paid. When you know you are giving that value (or more) you will be confident in charging your pricing knowing it is a fair exchange of your time for their money.

Lastly, if you want to build something you can scale (to 4, 5 or 6 figures), price based on value and not on time

Think about this, if the amount of money you get paid is tied to your time then your income will fluctuate or you'll hit a limit. You only have so many hours to give and you don't want to limit yourself based on those hours, price based on value instead of time and you will be able to grow exponentially without sacrificing the life that you dream of!

When you create financial and client goals and then design value-based packages around that you will find yourself meeting your goals in a way that feels good to you!

Do you have value-based packages? What was your biggest takeaway from this blog? Let me know in the comments below!