6 Secrets to 6 Figures Part 6: Make Getting Clients a Priority

Welcome to the final week of my series "6 Secrets to 6 Figures!" I'm concluding the series by sharing the #1 thing that will make your business grow.

Ready for it?

Secret #6: Make Getting Clients a Priority

This might sound like a no-brainer, but believe it or not this task tends to end up at the bottom of our to-do lists. 

What happens many times is that we sit down at our desks and get busy with responding to emails, assisting clients, being on social media, and then we have to do laundry or pick up the kids or make dinner, and before we know it all we got done were the activities that keep our business "growing" and not "going".

My goal through this series has been to help you shift your mindset from employee to CEO. Many entrepreneurs are running their business like an employee. It's time to make a change in order to truly grow yourself and your business to your fullest potential.

I want you to make a change in your business. I want you to make "growth" the #1 priority.

Here's what I have found when it comes to getting clients. For most entrepreneurs, there tends to be one really successful way that they obtain clients. For me in my second business it was, by being active in and responding to inquiries in Facebook groups. Once I discovered that I made it my focus to spend time doing that every single week. 

Take a moment to think about how and where you have received clients from. What activities have proven to be successful lead generators? Identify them and then make them a priority in your business.

As the CEO, make growing your business your focus and priority and you will see change and results!