How to Set Your Business up for Financial Success Every Month

Do you know how much money you are going to make at the beginning of the month?

Are you able to project your monthly income, set goal and daily action steps to help you achieve it? 

If your answer is no, don't worry! I'm here to help!

I want to let you in on what my process looks like for setting my business up for financial success every single month.

Here are the steps I go through that you can duplicate to start setting your business up for financial success:

1. Identify your revenue streams

The first thing you want to figure out is how you are going to make money. What are the different avenues you have available to make money in your business this month? What do you plan to promote or offer? Write down all of the possible ways that exist to generate revenue in your business.

2. Outline the offering

Once you've identified your revenue streams, it's time to get clarity around what you are offering within each stream. Write down how many spots you have available per stream and what the price point is. This will help with the next step and identifying your potential income.

3. Project your income for each stream

Once you've outlined your revenue streams and what you offer within each, it's time to project your income for each. For example, if you have a program you are offering and have 12 spots available at a price point of $500, that's $6,000 for the month. 

4. Project your monthly income

Lastly, you'll take all the projected income for each stream and total it to project your overall monthly income. 

Now that you have your number you are probably thinking, YES! That is exactly what I would love to make this month! But how?

The next part of this process is key in reaching your financial goal. It's by making it happen! Now that you know what you are offering you can spend the month focusing on filling in those programs. Offer value, content, freebies, do lives, etc. to promote what you are offering and get clients signed up!

You absolutely can reach your financial goals, and getting clarity on what they are at the beginning of the month and outlining the steps to getting there is how you will make it happen!