How to Attract Your Dream Clients

As a business owner, it's easy to see the difference between working with clients and working with dream clients.

Dream clients keep your energy high and make you excited about the work you do!

I believe it's important to work with dream clients as a business which is why I want to give you 6 tips for attracting dream clients for your business.

Ready? Let's dive in! 

1. Have a strategy

First things first, you've got to have a strategy for attracting your dream clients! It won't just happen, you have to plan for it. A strategy involves knowing who your dream clients are and knowing them from the inside out. My favorite way to do this is by creating a profile around a dream client I actually worked with (or want to work with if you haven't had one yet) so that my strategy is based around a real person vs. a made up one. Create a document around who they are, what they do, what they like, similarities and connections you have, etc.

2. Know the need

The second thing you want to do is know what your dream client needs. As the expert, knowing the need is your job and business. Your solution/service/offer should align directly with their need. Think about what you offer and who needs it.

3. Communicate with the want

As the expert, it's your job to know what clients need but it's also important to know what they want. The need is what you offer, the want is your marketing and message. For example, clients come to me saying they want more clients or to make more sales. I know that's the want. As the expert, I understand that their need is actually a business model and marketing strategy. I sell and promote the want and then present the need as the solution. When you learn to communicate with the want you'll attract your dream clients.

4. Be the expert

It's so important to know the things mentioned above and then to be the expert. I know early on in my coaching business I was afraid to show up as the expert even though deep down inside I knew that I was. People want to talk to you because they believe you can be the expert or have the answer or solution. You can help someone, so show up knowing that confidently! Confidence attracts the right people!

5. Give value

I have personally made it my business mission to focus on giving value over selling. Selling is absolutely important, but I believe it's followed by giving value. Knowing the want and need of your dream clients will help you give them value and when you give value people will naturally want to buy from you without you having to work hard for the sale. Find ways to give your dream clients value.

6. Stay Consistent

Lastly and most importantly, stay consistent. This might be the biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make. They show up once, or a few times and then disappear. They post once about an offer and then decide to stop because nobody responded. They do one Facebook live and then call it quits because they only got a few views. Seeing results is all about consistency so you have to be willing to show up time and time again if you really and truly want to see things work in your business.

These are the steps I have personally taken in my business to attract dream clients that want to work with me over and over again the same way I do with them!

Apply them to your business and see how it turns things around for you!