How to Scale Your Online Business

I've learned how to do business the easy way and the hard way.

First, I learned the hard way with the very first business I ever started. That business literally took me YEARS to grow!

My second business was the complete opposite. It literally took me just a couple of months to scale! The best part about it was that it was easy to do. I believe it's because of some key lessons I learned from my first business that I implemented. Today I want to tell you about what I learned in my second business that helped me scale quickly:

Lesson #1: Hiring a coach

I'm not just sharing this tip because I'm a coach. I actually became a coach because I saw how impactful it was in my own business! While everyone gets different results from working with coaches, the fact is that you get RESULTS! I was truly lacking that in my first business. As soon as I signed up to work with a coach everything changed. The things I had been trying to accomplish for years happened in a matter of weeks.

Lesson #2: Hiring a team

When I say "team" I'm not talking about investing thousands of dollars every month or hiring beyond what you can afford. Starting small is the best way to go! I hired my very first assistant after getting to the point in my business where I wanted to continue to grow but didn't want to sacrifice any more of my time and freedom. You know what happened? I DOUBLED my revenue the following month! A team, when done right, can help you scale.

Lesson #3: Offering things that generate consistent revenue

One of the key things I learned with my second business was that repetitive sales are easier than one time sales. Duh, right?! One of the first things I do with clients is identify how they can get their clients to work with them for a longer period of time. Not necessarily for more of their time, just for a longer period of time. For example, if you currently offer a 4 week program can you turn that into a 4 month program? Cover the same content except you spend one month on it and allow space for implementation and support. Again, not necessarily a lot more of your time, just a longer period of time. This will help you build recurring revenue for 4 months instead of having to find a new client every month! Get the gist of this?

These three things were key components in helping me scale my online business easily and quickly. You can take these and apply them to your business today to see results! Which of these have you implemented or need to implement in your business? Let me know in a comment below!

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