Mindset Practices for the Online CEO

The very first coach I ever hired in my business was a mindset coach. At first, I remember thinking "why would I need a mindset coach to help me with my business?" Little did I know the results that would come from working on my mindset.

Having a healthy mindset is a foundational must for entrepreneurs. Many times it can be put on the back burner due to the belief that it isn't necessary, however it is the source of many of our actions. As the CEO keeping a healthy mindset is key.

Since working with a mindset coach I have come a long way and have completely shifted my beliefs around the importance of working on my mindset. There are a few mindset practices I have established as a part of my routine that I want to share with you today.

Tip #1: Practicing gratitude

One of my personal favorite things to do is express gratitude for the things I have in my life daily. It's so easy to focus on where we want to be that we forget to look at where we are and the good things about it. Learn to practice gratitude on a daily basis.

Tip #2: Listening to affirmations

One of my personal favorite things to do is listen to affirmations. I use an app called ThinkUp where I select my own affirmations, record myself saying them, create playlists and then listen to them while I get ready in the morning. This helps me start my mindset in the right place every single day.

Tip #3: Having a spiritual practice

I truly believe that we are all spiritual beings who need to have a spiritual practice in our life. Whether it's meditating, meeting with a group, going to a church, tapping into your spirituality is key to thriving as a CEO.

Allowing your mindset to be a priority in your busienss and life produces results becasue it puts you, the CEO in a place to drive your busienss to success. Find practices that work for you and implement them today!