How to Run Your Online Business Like a CEO

Do you call yourself a CEO? Entrepreneur? Freelancer? Consultant?

No matter what title you've given yourself in your business, the reality is that all of us are responsible for stepping into a role of CEO when we run a business.

I've found that many entrepreneurs run their business like an employee instead of a CEO. They approach things with an employee mindset, make decisions like an employee, work like an employee and let their business run them instead of running their business.

Being a CEO might sound scary, but it really means navigating the ship you chose to create-because if you don't, who will?

Let's dive in to what it looks like to run your online business like a CEO so you can steer your ship with confidence!

1. Work on yourself daily

I've read many books and articles on daily habits of succesful CEO's and one of the common habits is that successful CEO's work on themselves DAILY. Here's a truth bomb I want to share with you: your business can only grow as much as you grow. It's true. The more you grow the more your business will grow. Make time to work on your mindset, your knowledge, your skills, etc. every single day. 

Stop putting yourself last in your business. Be the leader who leads by example.

2. Take growth oriented actions daily

Too many of us focus on things that keep our business going while forgetting about the things that keep our business growing. As the CEO, it's your job to keep your business growing. When you make decisions on a daily basis, decided based on what will help you grow. This will mean making decisions like investing, taking risks, and trying something new!

3. Plan your day

Another key trait of a CEO is running your day instead of letting your day run you. You can do this by intentionally planning how you want your day to go at the beginning of the day. Don't just log on to your computer and email and see what happens. Be intentional about where you want to focus your time and energy to make sure you are focusing on things that will be growth oriented.

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4. Set goals

Too many people avoid goal-setting. Goal-setting is what helps you track and measure your success. As a CEO, you're the one that has to set goals you track and measure in order to see your progress. You're the one who has to set vision for yourself and your team by setting goals that define where you want your business to be. Learn how to set yearly, quarterly and daily goals that will help you get to where you want to be.

5. Build a team

The last (and most important part) of scaling is to build a team. This can look many different ways from hiring house cleaners to a virtual assistant. I have found that hiring a team helps you grow exponentially! Find ways to hire and outsource so you can truly step into the role of CEO in your business!

Are you running your business like a CEO or like an employee? Make the changes necessary to help you fully step into the CEO of your business, because that is exactly who you are!