How to Set Goals You Can Achieve

Goals are the pillars of a successful business. They help you track your progress, set milestones and move closer and closer toward the vision that you have. 

If you don't already set goals in your business it's crucial for you to understand that you need them and to begin to set them. 

Let's dive in to setting goals you can achieve in your business so that you can plan and prepare for success!

1. Set BIG goals

It's easy to believe that in order to attain your goals they need to be easy to achieve. I don't believe that. I believe that you can accomplish the BIG and IMPOSSIBLE feeling goals that you have on your heart. When it comes to setting your goals I want you to go as big as you can dream of!

2. Set CLEAR goals

Here's the part that makes your big goals doable, making them clear. Saying "I want to make a lot more money" is a big goal but it's not a clear one. Saying "I want to grow my salary to make $100k per year" is a big goal AND a clear one. Adding in that clarity piece is what will make it doable.

3. Create action steps

Here's my favorite part about setting goals, creating the action steps that will help you attain them. In other words, a strategy. For example, if you said "I want to make $100k per year" as your goal, it's time to create a strategy around exactly how you plan to attain that. Creating action steps might look like this:

Type of business: Web designer

Goal: Make $8k per month (to hit $100k per year)

Action steps:

-Book 3 clients per month for my $3k website package by reaching out to leads on Facebook, offering free website assessments, and giving website design tips on Facebook live every week

The big key here is CLARITY, the clearer you are with your goals and with your action steps the more likely you will make them happen.

It's time to achieve your goals! Set big ones, clear ones and actionable ones and then go and make them happen!