How to Have a Successful Launch

Launching can feel overwhelming for many entrepreneurs. Especially when you feel like you:

A) Don't know what to do

B) Don't know how to get results

If you find yourself in either of these boats today I want to walk you through a step-by-step process on how to have a succesful launch so that you can run your next launch with ease!

Ready? Let's dive in...

Step 1: Create a timeline

First things first, you want to get clear on when you want to launch your new product or service. Start by deciding when you want the item to go LIVE and then work backwards from there. Ideally, you want to allow 4 weeks for your launch. Mark 4 weeks leading up to the launch and then the launch day on your calendar.

Step 2:  Set your goals

What do you want to accomplish with your launch? You want to get clear and specific about:

How much money you want to make

How many clients you want to book

Knowing what your goals are will help set you up for success.

Step 3: Create your marketing/promotion strategy

Once you've identified what your goals are, you'll want to have a strategy in place to help you reach those goals. How will you drive traffic? How will you get leads? How will you promote this new item and get it in front of the right people? Will you use video, blogging, email lists? You'll want to have a way to deliver value, collect leads and then drive them to your launch. Things like running a challenge or free training are a great way to do this!

Step 4: Make it happen

Now that you've mapped out your launch, it's time to make it happen! I like to take care of all of my launch content in advance (that includes writing copy, creating designs, landing pages, promotions, planning out the free training, etc.) and then scheduling it out so that during the launch itself I can focus on showing up, tracking leads and tracking progress. Make it happen in a way that works best for you!

Launching can be easy + strategic when you have a plan in place. Follow these steps to create your plan and you'll find that it will produce results with ease!