How to be Confident in Business

Have you ever looked at other entrepreneurs and wondered how they have it all together? How their business and life seems to be so perfect and they seem to have no problem selling and running their business?

I hate to burst your bubble but no matter what you are seeing on the online space, the reality is that NOBODY has a perfect life and no matter what they portray we all have our own struggles.

Now, we are all human, but just because no one is perfect that doesn't mean that living your life and running your business can't be good. As a matter of fact, even through life's circumstances it can be great!

Today, I want to share a few things that I know to be true that will help you be confident in your business:

1) You're already an expert

I've had numerous conversations with clients who feel like they aren't an expert at what they do. Truth be told, I still feel that way sometimes. Here's something I told a client recently "you don't have to be an expert to everybody, you just have to be an expert to somebody". It's the truth. You don't have to know everything (as a matter of fact that's quite impossible) in order to help others. You just have to know more than someone else in order to be able to help them. You are already an expert to somebody, therefore you are an expert.

2) You're not the only one who fails (and failure is good)

One too many entrepreneurs are trying to make themselves appear bigger with bold claims on the online space. Listen, there's nothing wrong with sharing about your results and success, but remember that when somebody shares theirs their success they aren't' sharing all of the sacrifices and mistakes they made to get there. Don't feel bad that your first launch didn't sell out or that your posts aren't getting thousands of likes. Everything takes time, everybody has failed. Failure is good because it is forward progress if you know how to learn from it. Move forward knowing failure is a part of the journey.

3) Share what you know

Along the same lines of making bold claims, don't feel like you have to make yourself appear bigger in order to do well in business. Share what you know to be true for you and your business, even if it contradicts what somebody else is saying. You can be confident in what you know and teach it with boldness and clarity.

4) Keep up your motivation

The best thing you can do is find ways to boost your confidence that work for you! Does that mean dressing like a CEO everyday? Getting your nails done? Grabbing a coffee? Listening to something inspirational? Starting your day with a workout? Identify what helps you stay motivated and do it daily!

Be confident in who you are, what you know and with where you are. Own your journey and process knowing there is no "end destination" when it comes to business. It's all about enjoying the journey and the process. Enjoying your business and life should happen everyday and that can start today.