How to Make Consistent Revenue in Your Business

Last week I talked about how to make profitable revenue in your business and this week I want to dive into the topic of how to make consistent revenue in your business.

One of the challenges that a lot of businesses face is that they struggle to consistently book clients and therefore have recurring revenue.

There are a few key elements that will set-you up for consistent revenue in your business and we’re going to dive into them today:

  1. Marketing Consistently

    I often have conversations on the phone with individuals who want to talk about how they are struggling to book clients consistently. After digging into their business for a while I tend to discover that they are not consistently marketing themselves as a business. When this happens I show them the connection between how not marketing consistently is tied to them not selling consistently. It’s important for you to have a marketing strategy that is consistent if you want to be able to consistently get clients.

  2. Sell Consistently

    This is one of the key things I teach my clients with my strategies and methods. As a business, you are always selling, even if it isn’t always a direct pitch. Anything you put out in your business, whether it be content or an offer is selling. Make sure everything you put out sells your business and that you are also consistently making the pitch if you want to sell.

  3. Restructure your Offers

    One of the other common mistakes I tend to see among entrepreneurs who are struggling to sell consistently is that their offers are not set-up to help them do that. For example, if your turnaround time is short or if your offers aren’t set-up to keep clients working with you then this will affect the consistency of revenue in your business. Restructure your offers so that clients work with you longer and so that your offers build on one another in order to retain your clients.

Creating consistent revenue in your business is totally doable and I know that these three elements make it possible for both me and my clients to do just that. Implement them and see how they will help you create consistent revenue in your business.