The Entrepreneur's Guide to Productivity: Time

Last week I kicked off a brand new series I’ll be talking about all month long called “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Productivity”. I kicked things off by digging into the topic of mindset and this week I’m excited to dive into the topic of managing your time.

When it comes to productivity time can be your biggest obstacle or helper. When most people struggle with productivity it’s usually because they are coming from the mindset that they don’t have enough time. The reality is that time is equal. We all have the same amount of time and if others can do what you want to do with the same amount of time that you have then it’s simply a matter of learning how to manage it well.

Listen, we’re all in different seasons of life and things shift and look different for every single one of us. I think a big part of being productive is learning how to shift with the season and readjust our schedule as need be.

No matter what season of life you are in, I know that if you take these tips and apply them they will help you be more productive with your time:


The first thing I want to talk to you about is the two types of tasks that exist in our business:

1. Growing Tasks

2. Going Tasks

Let’s talk about growing tasks first. Anything that falls under this category would be profit generating tasks, things that expand your reach and business, and overall grow the business.

Then, we have going tasks. These are the tasks that don’t necessarily grow your business but they keep it running. Things like administrative tasks would fall under this category.

I want you to start by putting your tasks under these two categories to determine where they best fit. Anything that DOES not fit into these two categories needs to be eliminated as a to-do. This exercise might help you discover that you are doing a lot of things in your business that you actually don’t need to be doing because if it isn’t a growing or going task, why do it?


Now, I want you to look at your weekly schedule and work hours and schedule these tasks into each day of the week. You can have some days that are focused on growing tasks and some days focused on going tasks or you mix and match every day. The key here is to have designated days for designated tasks. When you know what to expect and what to work on every single day it will help you save time and be more productive because you’ll cut out the process of trying to figure out what to work one each week, day and hour. Remember that you are your own manager so you want to manage your time effectively.

Here’s an example of this exercise based on my own weekly schedule:

Work Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm, Friday 9-10AM


-Growing tasks: Marketing (blog + email, social), Facebook Posts

-Going tasks: High End Client Call + Social Calendar for them *this is a client I kept from my marketing agency, Admin (check email)


-Growing tasks: Marketing (social, Instagram Live)

-Going tasks: Client Calls, Admin


-Growing tasks: Marketing (social), work on upcoming launches/services/projects, etc.


-Growing tasks: Marketing (social, Facebook Live)

-Going tasks: Client Calls, Admin


-Growing tasks: Marketing (social + create content for the following week)

Try categorizing your own tasks and then creating your weekly schedule. Showing up every day knowing exactly what my focus is that day has saved me TONS of time + has helped me be more productive in my business. Once you create your weekly schedule share it in a comment below!