The Entrepreneur's Guide to Productivity: Tasks

We’re diving into week 3 of this month’s topic on productivity for the entrepreneur. This week, I’ll be talking about how to manage your tasks in order to be the most productive.

Last week, I talked about the two different categories you want to put your tasks into:

Growing Tasks (tasks that are profit generating for your business)

Going Tasks (tasks that keep your business running)

Then I talked about scheduling them and how to schedule them in order to create efficiency. You want to make sure you have that foundation in place in order to manage your tasks and time well.

Now, let’s dive into how to specifically be productive with your tasks. I have a few tips and hacks I want to share with you that will help you accomplish exactly that:

Repetitive Tasks

I want you to start by identifying the tasks that you tend to do over and over and over again. What tasks are ongoing in your business? I want you to categorize repetitive tasks as follows: daily, weekly, monthly.

Once you’ve created a list of each, I want you to create put these into your calendar so that they are automatically on your to-do list when they need to happen. I’ll share a tool with you next week that will make i it easy to do this.

I also want to mention that repetition is a normal thing in business and that it is a good thing. When you do something over and over again and learn how to do it well you will naturally increase your productivity.

Common Tasks

Next up I want you to categorize tasks that fall within a similar category. For example social media content, creating designs, and editing pictures would fall under the marketing category. Create main categories for everything you do in your business (administrative, marketing, sales, financial, etc.) and put tasks within that category or project. This will help you create those categories in your schedule showing which category of tasks you are working on which days as well as set you up for the tool I’ll be sharing with you next week.

Bulk Work

The final piece I want to cover is completing your tasks in bulk. For example, writing all of your blog posts for the month at once, writing all of your social media posts for the week/month at once, sending out invoices all at once, etc. Hands down the best way to be productive is to bulk the work you can in order to save time and be more efficient.

Work through your tasks and organizing them, it will take a few minutes and pay off in helping you get set-up for productivity in the long run. Then, make sure you catch next week’s blog to find out how to use tools to implement what you’ve worked on these past few weeks and set yourself up for success!