Biz Q+A Part 3: How to Consistently Land Clients for your Business

Welcome to week 3 of this month’s series “Business Q+A”!

This week, I’m excited to dive into a brand new question and share some tools and strategies to help you consistently land clients for your business!

Let’s dive in…


Today’s question comes from Social Business Boss Keya Briscoe and she asked…

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Great question Keya! You’re not the only entrepreneur who wants to know how to consistently land clients for their business. So many entrepreneurs struggle with this and it’s something that can take a lot of time and practice to get down in your business.

To answer Keya’s specific question, before using tools I would say that I use strategies to help me consistently book clients and then use tools around those strategies to help me book those clients.

I will dive into the strategy in the next part but want to address Keya’s question and share the tools I personally use with my strategies.

Social Media Tools (Schedulers, Video + DM’s)

I believe in the power of using social media to convert clients and often convert clients directly from social media and teach my clients to do the same. In order to do that, I use social media schedulers along with their live video and direct messenger as the tools to convert clients.

Email Management Tools

I also believe in the power of building your email list in order to convert clients consistently. In order to do that, I use an email management platform to stay in touch with my email list.

Content Tools

Lastly, I use my blog to put out additional quality content, nurture leads and convert clients. On top of my blog, I also provide free masterclasses via Facebook Live and I publish a free quarterly business magazine.

To see a complete list of tools I use to run my business, click here.


What I personally believe to be more important than tools to convert clients is a strategy. The first thing I would like to say is that I don’t personally believe in the “one strategy fits all” approach. This is the reason why I work with my clients 1:1. I believe that the BEST way for you to get results is to have a customized strategy that works for YOU and your business.

With that being said, I’ll share my specific strategy with you along with an overarching view of the concepts so that you can see what the purpose is behind what I do.

FREE CONTENT: Masterclasses, Magazine, Live Videos, Written Posts, Blog Posts

The first piece of my strategy is free content. Before I ever ask for the sale I deliver value upon value upon value and I do this consistently. Let me break down what this looks like in my business:

Weekly: I pick a topic, write a blog post around it, go live on FB/Instagram with the topic, send an email to my list about it and write social media posts about it.

Quarterly: Every quarter, I publish a free digital business magazine which I use to grow my email list and audience by featuring other experts and having them promote the magazine to their communities. I also use the magazine to promote my free quarterly masterclass which I also use to grow my audience and ultimately to convert clients by making a pitch at the end of the masterclass.


The other thing that I have personally chosen to do in my business is to run my offers on evergreen vs. launching. I have chosen this for a few reasons: one, launching is too stressful for me and it puts a lot of pressure to book a lot of clients all at once for a long period of time. Two, I don’t want clients in spurts, I want clients on a rolling basis. There are pros and cons to launching vs. evergreen and I really believe it’s about finding what works best for you. I think launching can be great just like I think having more of an evergreen strategy can be great.


Because I have chosen the evergreen method, I run my business as if I were doing “mini monthly or quarterly launches”. What I mean by that is that I tend to run every month or quarter as a launch where I focus on one service I want to sell, create content all around that service and pitch that service. Then, everything is focused on selling that specific offer in my business. This helps me book more clients consistently, promote one offer and make sales every single month. Even though I promote one offer I end up booking clients for all of my offers available and because I have them on evergreen I can always book clients in and make sales consistently. The other key piece here is that I pitch for a sale AT MINIMUM once per week one each platform (social + email).

When it comes to consistently booking clients into your business, I believe it all comes down to having a strategy in place and then aligning your business and tools to that strategy. It should always start with a focus on what you want to sell and then everything else that flows out of your business (marketing, free content, trainings, social posts, etc.) should lead back to that. That’s how you consistently land clients in your business.