Biz Q+A Part 4: How to Create Content That Grows Your Business

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck around what content to post on social media, what to send your email subscribers or what to share on your blog?

Creating content is one of the tasks that can be and feel extremely daunting for a lot of entrepreneurs. That’s why I’m excited to dive into this topic with you this week as we conclude our series on Business Q+A!


This week’s question comes from Andrea Roque and she wants to know:

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 9.13.47 AM.png


This is a fabulous question Andrea and I’m excited to be answering it for you today!

I’m going to dive into creating content that grows your business overall (email, social, clients, etc.) however I do want to specifically answer Andrea’s question on how I grew my email list.

When I first got started in this business I already had a lot of marketing and list building experience under my belt. Because of that, I knew that the best way to grow my email list was to to offer FREE and VALUABLE content. Therefore, I created freebies in the form of PDF’s, challenges, masterclasses, etc. in order to give away free content in exchange for email addresses. I will dive into my strategy now in the next part of this blog.

The second part of Andrea’s question is around creating content. To give you the answer as straightforward as possible, I find my content in my services.

Let me explain…


I love talking about content creation because it’s one of the things that I personally love to do and that comes naturally to me. I consider myself a writer, and I once managed a team of 5+ writers who published content 5 days per week as the Editor-in-Chief. That experience taught me a lot of how to put out content in an easy and manageable way.

I believe that the best way to put out content for your business is to do it strategically. Here’s what that looks like for me:

I pick ONE service/offer to focus on selling for the month.

Once I have identified what that service or offering is that I want to sell, I create ALL of my content around that offering.

For example, if I’m focusing on selling my Client Conversion Intensive here’s what that would look like:

Offer: Client Conversion Intensive

Things I talk about in that service that become my weekly content (I literally go to my landing page and pull content topics from there)…

Week 1: How to create an offer you and your clients will love

Week 2: How to price your offer for profit

Week 3: How to market your offer in front of the right audience

Week 4: How to consistently convert clients into your offers

Now I have content for the entire month AND it’s strategic because it will attract people who are interested in that offer and ultimately convert them into it.

That’s how I keep my content creation easy and strategic!

To answer the final strategy behind growing my email list, I currently use my magazine, The Social Business Edit, as my freebie/lead magnet and give it away for free in exchange for email addresses. The strategy is that I am giving a way a free business magazine (content + value) in exchange for emails as well as featuring other experts who then position the magazine in front of their audience and it grows my list. I also offer free business masterclasses which require email addresses to sign-up and get access to the free masterclass.

Creating content that grows your business is all about giving away value strategically.