Biz Q+A Part 1: How to Create Your First Offer and Land Your First Clients

This month I have decided to do something a little bit different and I’m super excited to share that this month’s series is a “Business Q+A” where I have gathered questions from my very own Facebook Community and will be answering them all month long!

I’ve taken the most popular questions and will be diving into the answers every single week.


Today’s question is brought to you by Jessie Christensen and she asked:

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I love this question! It gave me some time to really reflect on where I got started and I want to share that with you along with how to create your first offer and land your first clients.


The very first thing that I offered in my coaching business was a 4 week in-person group coaching program to help you discover your purpose and passion and turn it into a business. The funny thing is that it is so close and similar to what I still offer today. Although, back then, it was in person, only 1 month and I only charged somewhere between $100-$200 dollars for it. From there my prices went up to $300 as I continued to do group programs and took them online and then the rest is history!

The honest answer is that it did not take very long for me to get clients which is what I teach today.

Here’s how it went down: I had a desire to help women turn their ideas into something tangible so I decided one day that I wanted to gather all of these women together to encourage them. I had met a lot of women individually who had ideas but they didn’t have the support or weren’t sure on how to get started. At this point I was running my first business, a print magazine for women, and had learned how to turn my vision into something tangible so I wanted to encourage others to do the same.

I posted on my personal Facebook page that I would be hosting a group for women who had ideas they wanted to pursue and invited women to come. Well, 30 women showed up, some drove from over an hour away and I discovered that there was absolutely a need for this!

To be honest I had no idea what I was doing at that point, but I shared about my personal story, provided handouts and gave them some practical action steps to take to get started.

After that I decided to create the offer of a group coaching program and I had maybe 8-10 of those women sign-up.

When I took it online the groups were a bit smaller, maybe 4-5 women, as I started to build my online presence and increase my pricing.


I think that often times we believe that starting our business and landing our first clients is complicated. I don’t believe that it has to be which is why I’ve made it my mission to teach women how to easily start their business and land their first paying clients.

When it comes to creating your first offer, I recommend keeping it simple. Often times we want to overcomplicate it and offer too much within an offer or even offer too many things. Too many options cause confusion.

If you are a coach, create one good coaching package that delivers the result you want to help your clients obtain.

If you are a designer, create one good design package that delivers the result you want your clients to obtain.

If you are a VA, create one good package that delivers the result you want your clients to obtain.

Get the gist of it? Create this package so that it includes exactly what they need in order to obtain the result in the amount of time it will take to obtain it. That’s it. No excess. Keep it simple and focus on the result.

When it comes to landing your first clients in all 3 of my businesses I have literally just created offers, put them out there and sold them. I know that it sounds easier said then done but that’s the truth.

In my first business (the print magazine) I started offering advertising spots on our online website, reached out to businesses I thought would be interested via email, invoiced them through Paypal, and put up their ads on our site.

In my second business (a creative agency) I put together a social media management package, offered it to businesses I thought would be interested via phone calls and emails and sold them.

In my coaching business, I put together a coaching package, offered it to the women who attended the gathering and sold it.

It’s literally the process of putting together an offer, putting it in front of the right people and selling it.

It’s what I work through with my clients because I believe that when you have an offer you believe in that serves your clients needs and you offer it to them, you WILL make the sale!

This is how I teach my clients to make sales within days of working with me whether they have a business set-up or simply a business idea.

The takeaways here are to create one solid offer, offer it to the right people and make the sale. That’s how you create your first offer and land your first clients.