How to Create a Sales Page That Converts

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck around how to create a sales page for your product or service?

Getting stuck on what to say can keep so many entrepreneurs from creating their sales pages, however, having a sales page is key! There are leads who like to read the information on what you provide and will want to do so AND having a sales page will also do the selling for you!

It’s all about being strategic and knowing exactly what to say.

I’m going to make that process super easy for you by giving you the exact outline I use to create my sales pages:


(name of the program)


(what it is, who it's for, the result it produces and how long it lasts)

The Pain Points/Problem

(address the concerns your ideal client has)


(establish understanding and empower them to make a change)

The Solution

(introduce your offering)

The Results

(highlight the results obtained from your offering)

The Benefits

(talk about what is included in the program and what it will do for them)

The Expert

(talk about yourself and why you are qualified to help them)

The Qualifier

(talk about who the offering is/isn't for)

The Proof

(share testimonials from your clients)

The Bonuses

(offer incentives for joining)


(provide a call to action to purchase)

Follow this outline and easy process to create your sales pages and watch them convert for you!