Organic Marketing Strategies That Work in 2019

I recently sat on a panel on marketing experts and found myself being the only one who still believes in organic marketing strategies.

Most marketing experts will tell you that the online space is all “pay to play” in 2019.

I don’t believe that to be true. Why?

Because this year alone my clients have had $6k months with my organic marketing strategies.

As a matter of fact, I run my business entirely off of organic marketing strategies and I book 4-figure clients month after month.

I believe that contrary to popular belief, organic marketing still works and in this blog post I’m going to dive into the exact strategies I use and teach my clients to have 4-figure months and even 4-figure days!


The first piece I want to dive into is social media. My guess is that you might find social media to be overwhelming. Perhaps you’re struggling with your content or with getting your content seen. You might even feel like you need help growing your followers so that you can make more sales. Here’s what I’ve discovered is the problem in most cases: you don’t need more followers, you need a way to convert them.

My clients convert 4-figures with just a couple hundred followers. Heck, I even had a client create a brand new social media account and book clients within the first week!

So let’s talk about how to organically convert your social media followers into clients.

Post on your social media 3-5x per week.

Post at least 1 promo/pitch on social media per week.

Post at least 1 post leading to your content channel.

Engage with your ideal clients 10 minutes per day.

That’s it. Easy peezy lemon squeezy and I promise that it works!


First things first, you might be wondering what in the world a content channel is. A content channel is simply a blog, podcast, youtube channel, etc. It’s the place where you put out content to offer value, nurture leads and showcase your expertise. Having a content channel will help you connect with your audience and convert them over from social media to a place where they can build a relationship with you.

Here’s how we want it to work:

Create 1-4 pieces of content for your channel per month.

Promote those pieces on social media at least once per week.

Use the end of the content piece to promote your opt-in to your email list.

What you’re doing now is creating a bridge between your social media to your email list and nurturing leads along the way.


As you can see in the previous strategy, our goal is to send people to your email list and we are using social media and a content channel to do just that. An easy way to grow your email list is to create a freebie you offer in exchange for an email address. This will provide you with the contact information for your leads and give you another way to communicate your offers to them.

Here’s how this strategy works:

Create an opt-in/freebie in exchange for email addresses.

Promote that freebie on social media monthly.

Promote that freebie with every piece of content on your channel.

This will help you grow your email list and nurture your followers to convert into sales.

The key takeaway I want you to walk away with is this: Promote on all channels consistently. Pitch yourself o social, your content channel and your email list. This creates the opportunity for leads to convert at every level. Someone might be able to convert on social, someone else on your content channel, someone else on your email list. You want to be ready for the conversion. The other thing it does is that it creates a cycle for leads to stay in until they are ready to convert and ensuring you don’t lose them. By providing quality content consistently and pitching consistently you’ll find yourself converting consistently.