First (Or Next) Four-Figures: Selling Your Offer

Welcome to week 4 of this month’s series on how to make your first or next four figures. So far we have talked about how to set your financial goal, how to create your offer, how to market your offer and today we are going to dive into how to sell your offer.

When it comes to selling there are a few things I want to dive into mindset wise before we dive into the strategy piece.


The first thing I want to talk about is embracing sales. I spent the first couple of years (yes years) in my business not embracing sales. I would say I was a marketing person not a sales person.

I’ll be honest with you, not embracing sales only got me so far in my business. It wasn’t until I realized that as the business owner I had to be a good sales person that things began to grow in my business.

So the first takeaway I want you to get is to embrace sales. Do the work that you need to do in order to be okay with them and even get to the point where you own them.

Take ownership with your sales.

The second thing I want to encourage you to do is to shift your beliefs about sales. If you view them as bad (like I used to) then I want to encourage you to change that belief. I like to help my clients shift this belief by having them view sales as an invitation.

Sales are an invitation for people to buy from you.

When you make the invitation you are empowering the other individual to decide for themselves. When you don’t make the invitation you take that power away and decide that the answer is no 100% of the time.


For the strategy there are 3 main areas I want to dive into.


First up is prepare. I want you to prepare your audience for what you are about to offer them. Think about this as warming them up, getting them excited or simply starting to bring awareness around what you will be offering by starting to talk about topics that pertain to your offer. This is where giving value through your marketing strategy comes into play. If you want to dig further into this check out last week’s article on this topic.


Okay now let’s talk about pitching your offer. There are a few key “ingredients” you want to include when pitching your offer.

The name

The overview (tagline)

The pain points

The results

The narrative

The details

The evidence

The price

The call to action

When you follow this format in pitching your offer you will sell. The most important piece I want to focus on here is the results. You always want to lead and sell with the results over the details. Many people make the mistake of trying to sell with the details over the result. People pay for results.


Lastly, let’s talk about promoting your offer. Now that you know how to pitch it you want to promote it. For sales we are following the same rule as the marketing strategy with saying that the bigger your offer is the longer you should promote it. So you want to make your 30,60 or 90 day commitment to promoting your offer.

From there, we want to get clear on how often you want to talk about it. Here’s what I would follow

If you are promoting for 90 days, I recommend pitching once per week on all channels.

If you are promoting for 60 days, I recommend pitching twice per week on all channels.

If you are promoting for 30 days, I recommend pitching three times per week on all channels.

We live in a world where the online space is saturated so the more you can talk about your offer and do it consistently and frequently the better. I have seen it time and time again that the more I or my clients talk about our offers the more we sell. Don’t make the mistake of giving up after a few pitches. Pick your strategy and stick with it. No matter what, you should be pitching for a sale at least once per week if you want to be consistently selling.

Prep your sales strategy and get ready to start selling. The hard part is following through with making the pitch but I promise that the more you do it the easier it will get.