First (Or Next) Four-Figures: Mindset

Let’s wrap up this month’s series on how to make your first or next four-figures with one of the most important topics we can talk about: mindset.

There are a few things I want to say about mindset as we wrap up this series.

The strategies work.

The first takeaway I want you to get is that the strategies I shared with you throughout this month work. If you take them and implement them they will produce four-figures for you. As a matter of fact, if you take this belief and mindset and go through the series all over again (if you haven’t yet generated four-figures from it) I promise you will generate it.

I know these strategies work because they have worked for me and for my clients. I didn’t leave anything out or not share certain information with you. I shared it all and know for a fact it can transform your business. I also know that there is a level of customization that does come into play that helps produce results so if you are looking for that personal touch reach out to me so we can talk about working together.

There’s no deadline on making four-figures.

The other thing I want to communicate to you is that there is no deadline on hitting your first or next four figures. Yes this series lasted a month, but if you didn’t hit the goal this month that does not mean that it isn’t going to happen for you. I don’t want you to look at this as “Oh I didn’t hit four-figures so I failed” instead I want you to say “I’m gonna keep going with this goal, keep implementing and keep pushing until I hit my four-figures”. Own this goal as yours and believe it’s going to happen. We can’t control the when, all we can control is continuing to show up knowing it’s going to happen.

Hitting four-figures is going to happen.

I want you to believe in the goal. I want you to DECIDE that hitting those first or next four figures is going to happen for you and then I want you to ACT accordingly. That means being consistent with your strategy and showing up day after day after day even if you don’t instantly see the result. You have to believe in it and then show that belief through action.

It’s all about mindset.

As a strategy oriented person I believe this wholeheartedly. If you are implementing the strategies and not seeing the results it goes back to your mindset. What are you believing or not believing? What are you telling yourself? Notice your thoughts because what you think determines how you act and how you act produces your results. The only way to fix your circumstances is to fix your mindset.

I hope that this series has transformed the way you approach your business as well as the way you think about it. If you want to hit four-figures in your business, keep reviewing the strategies, the videos and stick with it. I promise you can make it happen for you!