Visibility Booster Challenge Part 2: Consistency

Welcome to week 2 of the Visibility Booster Challenge where I’m helping you get more visible in front of your audience so that you can convert more sales!

Last week we talked about getting creative with how to you show up in front of your audience.

This week I want to talk to you about the importance of consistency.

This is probably the #1 reason why entrepreneurs are low on sales. Here’s the reality:

Showing up consistently produces consistent sales.

I often get on the phone with entrepreneurs who are struggling to book clients and hit their financial goals consistently. When I dig into their marketing strategy I often find that it’s because they aren’t showing up consistently.

You have to not only show up consistently in your business but you also have to pitch consistently!

This week I want to give you the assignment of showing up consistently by making a commitment.

I want you to decide how often you are going to show up on social media every single week. I recommend committing to showing up a minimum of 3x per week.

Set your commitment and start by sticking to it this week.

Along with that commitment I also want you to commit to how often you are going to pitch on social media. Let’s exchange the word “pitch” for “invite”. How often are you going to invite people to work with you? To opt-in to your freebie? To book a call? I recommend making the invitation once per week.

Write out your commitments as follows and share them with us in the Facebook group:

#VisibilityBooster: I’m committing to being consistent by showing up # times per week on social media on (insert days) and pitching # times per week on (insert day).

If you aren’t on Facebook you can also share it with me in a comment below!

Do this exercise and then join me again next week for the next step!