Visibility Booster Challenge Part 3: Confidence

Welcome to week 3 of the visibility booster challenge where I’m helping you get more visible in front of your audience so that you can convert more sales!

Last week we talked about the importance of being consistent, what that looks like and the type of results it can produce for you. If you missed that blog article you can check it out here.

This week I want to dive into confidence. I know that this might not sound strategic or like your typical piece of business advice, however, I promise that it is going to play a HUGE role in the results you obtain.

How you show up impacts the results you will see.

That is a FACT. Let me walk you through a very practical example of this.

If you are not confident to show up and you show up that way people will see that you don’t believe in what you are doing and they won’t believe in it either.

Therein lies the key or the secret to being confident.

What is it? Believing in yourself and what you are doing.

I know that is easier said then done which is why I want to use this blog article to help you get confident.


The first thing I want to talk about is believing in yourself. Often times this can be the most challenging thing to do. I have worked with clients who struggle with this so deeply and it holds them back from putting themselves out there and really accomplishing what they were meant to do. How do you believe in yourself?

You shift your mindset. You shift your thoughts. You shift your beliefs. You completely change your perception of YOU.

Here’s a really practical way to do it:

Ask yourself, what am I telling myself about me right now? What am I thinking about myself when I am visible in my business?

Write down those negative thoughts.

Now, I want you to write down the opposite of those thoughts right next to it. For example:

People are going to look down on me when I’m visible. People will encouraged by me when I’m visible.

Write down the negative thought along with the positive thought in order to create new beliefs. Once you have a list of new beliefs I want you to say them every day or simply pull out the new belief you need when the negative one comes up and say it 3 times, or until it feels stronger than the negative one.

Here’s something you need to know: mindset work is a daily thing. Don’t be surprised by the fact that you WILL need to do this each and every single day. Your mind is a muscle and the more you exercise it the stronger it will get.

When a new negative thought pops up, create the new belief and follow the above to shift your mindset. Some will take longer than others but keep doing the work until you see the shift.


The main negative beliefs that tend to come up when you’re trying to be visible and share about your business all boil down to these two things: I’m not qualified enough and this offer isn’t good enough.

I want you to combat both of these by doing two simple things:

First, create a list of why you ARE qualified. Anything and everything that you can think of that applies needs to go on this list.

Next, I want you to write down a list of why this offer IS good enough. Anything and everything you can think of that applies needs to go on this list.

Before you get visible, read these lists if you need to. Remind yourself of why you are good enough. You have to get sold on you and your business if you want others to be sold on you too!

You have the power to believe wha you want about yourself and your business. Nobody can take that away from you unless you give it to them. Don’t let others decide who you are. YOU decide who you want to be.