Profit Plan: Product/Offer

My favorite time of the year is approaching and I am so excited to continue diving into topics that will help YOU build your profitable business!

This month, I am hosting TWO workshops on Profit which is why I decided to make this entire month about this topic! I was sitting at dinner with another entrepreneur recently and we had an entire discussion around profit, pricing, paying yourself and more. After our conversations, she said “you should write a book about this because nobody talks about it!”

Well loves, profit is my favorite topic so I’m excited to bring you this month’s series which I am calling “Profit Plan” where I will be walking you through how to be profitable in your business!

The first piece I want to dive into is your product or offer because it all really and truly starts there.

If you want to make a profit, you have to build an offer that will make you profitable!

I’m going to walk you through the process of creating a profitable offer so that you know exactly how to ensure that what you SELL will generate a PROFIT.


The very first thing you want to start with (that very few people start with) is getting crystal clear on the result you want people to obtain. This is basically going to determine why you are creating this offer, who it’s for and what they can expect from it. People don’t pay for your process, they pay for the result that your process will get them. When you are clear on the result, you’ll build an offer that will sell.


Next up we have the process. This piece is simply the process that your clients will need to go through in order to obtain the result that you are promising. Ask yourself the question, if I want my clients to “X” then the process they need to go through is “A,B,C” to get there. What I want you to keep in mind is that the more simple you keep it the better. Don’t feel like more means you’ll generate a higher profit. Only include the exact steps a person needs to take in order to obtain the result.


The final piece is more of a mental/journaling exercise that I want you to do. I want you to go through and understand the value of your offer. I want you to do that by asking yourself the following questions:

What will this person avoid by buying this offer?

How much time and money am I saving the person who buys this offer?

What did I go through, spend, give in order to learn the information I am sharing through this offer?

I really want to encourage you to go through this exercise because when you understand the value of your offer you will be able to price and position it in a way where you’ll sell it with confidence and ease. If you don’t know or see the value of what you sell, nobody else will.

Go through these steps as you build out your offer. If you already have an offer, take it through these steps to to really amplify it and make any adjustments as necessary.